Munch Dat: Yard Sale Pizza, Leytonstone


The unbearable heat wave that’s wreaked havoc across Europe this summer so the last thing I wanted to do this weekend was go outside. I DJ’ed on Friday night so I was nursing a bit of a hangover Saturday morning, but like all good companions I made promise to venture to on outside for a walk n’ pizza that I had to keep. I wasn’t familiar with the Yard Sale Pizza empire before checking it out, the last “trendy” pizza spot I went to was Pizza Pilgrims back when they used to sling slices on Berwick Street market, so it’s a been awhile and I kind of thought I was over, but I guess I was wrong.


Yard Sale Pizza, Leytonstone opened up a few months ago and judging by the reaction online it’s been a big hit the locals. It’s no secret that Leytonstone is coming up in the ranks, families and young people alike are willing to venture further East in the hope of securing more square-footage for their money. Naturally businesses are starting to follow suit and us locals are reaping the benefits! The restaurant itself is fairly small, it seats around 25 people with a few tables indoors and few more lined up outside where we spent our visit. We ordered 2 pizzas, the first was 11″ Popeye and the second 21″ Hell Yeah. Upon reflection we probably should’ve ordered both pizzas in a 11″ but as always with first time visits, our eyes were bigger than our bellies! The pizza’s themselves were great, the dough was insanely good, the kind of dough you just wanna dip in stuff and eat all day. Oh and whilst we’re talking about dips, we ordered the Garlic Herb dip and it lasted all of 5 seconds, it was very tasty! In terms of favourite pizzas of the two, I’d say I prefer the Hell Yeah, it’s a bit of a twist on the classic pepperoni but the added addition of guindilla chillies really set it off! All in all it’s a terrific little restaurant pumping out high quality pizzas and with great service to boot (waiters were a pleasure to deal with) and if you’re in the area I highly recommend you check it out!

Score – 10/10

August Reading List


One of my New Years resolutions was to read 4 books a month, but I let life get the best of me and ended up with a pile of unread books, so I set myself a target of reading as many as I could before I bought a new book. It was quite fun going back into the “library” and revisiting some of the books I’d forgot about. With that out of way, here are the books I’m reading during August! The first book Barbarian Days: Surfing Life was recommended to me via Corporate Lunch podcast. I didn’t research it and kind of bought on a whim hopefully it’s good. I’m trying to up the consistency levels on the blog and post every day (or at minimum Monday – Friday) so hopefully the book The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century will be help along the way! And last but not least, human longevity is a hot button topic within Silicon Valley but I’m not sold on the idea of freezing brains just yet. The Blue Zones adopts a more pragmatic point of view to the whole affair with the author traveling to various places around the world where the population lives the longest and trying to understand why, should be a good read! As always links to purchase can below;

Barbarian Days: Surfing Life by William Finnegan

The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person’s Guide to Writing in the 21st Century by Steven Pinker

Beyond the Politics of Race


Having recently read the work of Thomas Sowell I’m intrigued by the alternative view of the ‘black experience’ within the USA. It’s a tricky subject to tackle, but Sam Harris and Coleman Hughes do a great job of dissecting it and offering potential solutions which could lead us to a non-race baiting utopia (one can hope). You can listen to the entire podcast here.

Dirty Jobs

I’m really interested and if i’m being completely honest slightly worried about the role of automation and AI for the future of employment. It’s an inevitable change that no amount rhetoric will fix but more worryingly is the complete lack of attention being placed on it by the people it will affect the most. Maybe they’d prefer to spend their brain power ensuring their family and friends are safe and issues of robots taking over their jobs can be left to the government. I don’t necessarily agree but I get it, life is complicated enough as it is, why worry about issues you don’t really understand. But if there is something to gleaned from technology progressing at the rapid pace it is now, the next generation need to look for other more unconventional routes into the workforce and ultimately change their perspective of what success looks like. It’s refreshing to hear Mike Rowe argue for the return of vocational jobs and question the over glorification of University degrees, especially in subjects with limited future job/earning potential. The entire interview is a joy to watch and I encourage you to check it out!

God Father of Soul

A few years ago I struggled letting go of stuff I bought over the years. In layman terminology you could say I was a bit of a hoarded. Everything I had had some sort of intrinsic value. More often than not I justified the purchase on the stop with a straight face. I’m not sure how but somehow I managed to kick the addiction and now I concentrate on purchasing key items that will last a lifetime. Lenny Kravitz seems to agree if you go by this recent video profile for GQ, some of stuff in his collection is insane. If you don’t want to watch the clip just know this, Lenny Kravitz has Muhammad Ali’s boxing shoes from his last professional boxing match; plus blood splattered on the upper, woah!

“Okay Google, I wanna party tonight?!”

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 20.31.01

Like many of us I’ve contemplated deleting my Facebook profile for a long time, but I always chicken out of it in the end. I mainly use Facebook to share my own content and more importantly find local events. It’s one Facebook’s best tools, especially when you’re travelling, having the ability to find events in a foreign land attended by actual locals is amazing! So far I haven’t found anything else that comes to replicating FB’s depth of choice but that could change with the introduction Google Search ‘recommended events’. From the looks of it it works in the same way as recommended cinema events within Google Search – you can browse various listings, find out times and purchase tickets all within Google Search, which is awesome considering that’s where most people would start looking. It’s going to be available worldwide in the next few days and I can’t wait to use it! You can find more information here.

It’s Cool to Be Normal


There’s something incredibly fascinating about Lindsay Lohan, you just can’t keep your eyes off her. I’m not sure what it is, maybe it’s freckles, the red hair or the devious glint in her eye. I think my infatuation begun when when I saw her in The Parent Trap. I must’ve been 7 or 8 years old, so I’m not sure how I remember so far back but I guess here “it” factor has something to do with haha. Her movie career hasn’t had the fairytale ending she probably envisioned when she first arrived in the industry but her evolution has been interesting to watch. In case you were wondering she currently owns a beach club in Mykonos, Greece with another due to open in Rhodes soon as well as a Lohan island somewhere in Dubai. Crazy right? As you might have seen with the recent Instagram spat between 50 cent and Floyd Mayweather, growing old gracefully in the entertainment industry is talent not many people have. What makes it even more commendable is her reluctance to court attention the same way she did in the past. Her era of celebrity was synonymous with “staged paparazzi” shots and garnering attention at any cost, so to see someone of her level of celebrity purposely withdraw from the crazy house and relocate to Greece of all places is commendable. She comes across incredibly content and dare I say it happy in this great piece from the New York Times which you can read here.

“I’m a normal, nice person. A good person. I don’t have any bad intentions. And my past has to stay in the past.”

“Like, people have to just let go of it and stop bringing it up because it’s not — it’s gone,” she said. “It’s dead. And that’s the most important thing to me.” – Lindsay Lohan