Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard Overshoe


It’s a great time to be sneaker head, gone are the days when collaborations were merely an adult version of painting by numbers, colour way flips aren’t enough to entice discerning customers, you have to them offer more. There’s no better example in recent years than the collaborations between Nike and ACRONYM, Off-White and my personal favourite Tom Sachs Mars Yard. Back in the day when I studied Product Design at Central St Martins I somehow managed to stumbled across Tom Sachs studio. The first things I saw from their studio was this amazing video called 10 bullets which focused on virtues of great studio etiquette, if you haven’t watched it I highly recommend you do, it’s great!

Their first Nike collaboration (Mars Yard v1) came out last year and it was one of my favourite shoes of recent years, it’s incredibly versatile and unlike other shoes looks better the more beat it is. If you don’t believe check out my pair below, i’ve worn these months at time through various weather conditions and they still hold up! They just announced the 2nd iteration of the Mars Yard now dubbed an ‘Overshoe’ it looks crazy and I doubt it’ll be as popular as version 1 but i love them and I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Overshoe is available to purchase now on StockX.




Oh, I’ve had many nights where I’ve found myself strewed across a cold concrete surface somewhere along Kingsland Road, with little to no idea how I ended up there. I’m incredibly thankful no-one I know was around to snap a picture or twelve and blackmail me with the evidence when I become rich and famous. So thankful. That being said, this photography project depicting the after hours fun of high powered Japanese businessmen is both intriguing and frightening. The phrase “I’ll come out for just one” certainly does not apply here. You can read the piece in full here.



“OVO shops is the secret sauce that Drake and business partner Oliver El-Khatib are using to build a streetwear empire that’s likely to clear $50 million in sales this year, according to a person familiar with the brand’s finances.”

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The Downfall of the Mob


Maybe I’m late to the party but why hasn’t this book ‘Murder Machine‘ been made into a movie? It’s an amazing in every way, the character development takes twists and turns you can never quite predict. The untimely demise of people so brutal you quest why you feel sympathy for then. The uphill struggle the police face trying to pin murders on gangster hellbent on avoiding the law. It details the downfall of the Gambino family during the heady days of New York City crime that stretched it’s tentacles across the United States. I can’t wait until someone picks this up and turns it into feature film of some sort, this story needs to be told!

The 100 Club

In today’s episode, Agostinho rambles about reaching 100 podcast episodes, Kevin Smith’s weight loss journey and more..

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Kevin Smith lost 50 lbs after a heart attack!

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Mark Gonzales

Back in the day in a desperate attempt to become a professional athlete (because I was shit at football) I got really into Fencing. It didn’t last long of course, but I had loads of fun learning the fundamentals and somehow I managed to pick up fairly quickly which helped. In some respects its the perfect sport, it has the right amount of strategy and athleticism to keep young minds like myself occupied. Naturally I geeked on the Fencing gear, specifically the trainers. A weird mix up of tennis shoe tread and a sort of cross training function upper were required for optimal performance and I loved them!

Which brings me onto the shoes in question, the adidas Aloha Super which draw inspiration from adiStar Fencing shoes originally worn by Mark Gonzales during a performance art piece at the German Museum in 1998. I’ve been meaning to get back into skateboarding too, so I can’t wait to test these when they release later this week!

https_hypebeast.comimage201808mark-gonzales-adidas-aloha-super-signature-shoe-3 (1)