Fire and Fury – The Book

Do you remember when Donald Trump said this? Who would have thought a few months later journalist Michael Wolff would be allowed unprecedented access to the White House, documenting his experience in a tell-all book titled ‘Fire and Fury’. I’m only a few pages in and so far I’ve learnt Trump never wanted to be President, he only wanted to run so he could boost his level of fame and eventually launch his own TV network to rival Fox, oh and no-one in his team thought he would win, except for his wife Melania, who according to the book burst into tears when the news was announced, upset that her way of life would be disturbed and her every move scrutinised (and I think she’s a got a point #PrayForMel). Wild!

I had to wait a few weeks to get it, since it was sold out everywhere, but if you want to confirm your suspicions of the Trump White House, I recommend you get yourself a copy too! To purchase your book click here.


Jordan B. Peterson Changed My Life


I had the pleasure of witnessing Jordan Peterson speak live at the Emmanuel Centre in London, during his tour for his new book ’12 Rules of Life; An Antidote to Chaos’. I’ve been following Jordan Peterson for a while now and judging by the sold out crowd in attendance I wasn’t alone in my admiration. The talk itself was amazing and incredibly thought provoking as usual, he emphasised something I’ve been thinking about a lot since the event; the need for your people to advocate for personal responsibility and attempt to be the best person they can be instead of fighting for “rights”. We live in a world where complaining is the name of the game and little to no resolutions get figured out between people with different points of view. So the need for more personal accountability has never been more important and I hope by following some of the idioms expressed in the book below transform my life. It’s a big ask I know, but there’s no harm in hoping!


The Agostinho Zinga Show #55

Hola! First podcast episode of the New Year whoop whoop! In today’s episode, Agostinho rambles about why waiting in waiting rooms sucks, Jake Paul suicide forest controversy, the ‘Fire & Fury’ Donald Trump book backlash, New Years resolutions and more…

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January Reading List


I’m completely obsessed with the TV series ‘Gomorrah’ and anything Roberto Saviano writes  at the moment. I’m working backwards on his books and currently reading ‘Zero Zero Zero’ before I make my way back to the beginning (if anyone has a spare copy of Gomorrah lying around let me know). Sebastian Junger has fascinated me too ever since he appeared on The Joe Rogan Experience a few months back, primarily known as a journalist and war documentarian and the book ‘War’ details his experience visits from June 2007 to June 2008 to eastern Afghanistan and if Wikipedia is to be believed it was voted TIME magazine “Top Ten Non-Fiction book” of 2010. The other two books I’m reading are ‘Quirkology: The Curious Science of Everyday Lives’ & ‘The Dhammapada‘ for some much mindfulness in 2018.



The Agostinho Zinga Show #54

In today’s episode, Agostinho rambles about Christmas breaks, Manchester United and why setting goals for the New Year is bad for you…

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I know we all like to pretend we don’t watch TV, but in my opinion with the advent of streaming there’s never been a better time to waste an hour or six watching tv shows from anywhere around world, whenever you want. One of my favourite series of late is an Italian mob drama called ‘Gomorrah’ – it recently got picked by Sky Atlantic but if you’re the resourceful type you should be able to find the newly released season 3 in all the usual places.

Originally based on a book by  Roberto Saviano – Gomorrah lifts the lid on the criminal underbelly of Naples and it’s various waring factions jostling for control with government breathing down their necks. It’s amazing written, just when you start liking a character Roberto Saviano switching the script and has the character do something unspeakable (i.e. torture a small child) so you’re left with no illusions. It’s right up there with the likes of The Sopranos and The Wire it’s ability to weave together various storylines and character arcs without becoming overbearing and more importantly it helps shed a light on the not so glamorous side of drugs and organised crimes. I implore you, if you don’t mind watching shows with subtitles please watch this now, I promise you will not be disappointed!




Every year I try to read as many books as I can, it’s a habit I’ve only developed over the last few years, but it’s greatly effected my life in ways I couldn’t imagine and for a serial loner such as myself, reading brings me a lot comfort, escapism and amusement which allows me get out of my own head for a couple hours a day, which is great mental clarity. More often than not it’s a lot easier said then done, there’s so many books out there it’s safe to you will NEVER get around to reading them all, and when you suffer from an acute sense of FOMO, you always feel as if you should be reading something else when you should be concentrating on what’s in-front of you. So my goal for reading in 2017 centred on “extreme focus” – which meant focusing my entire attention on the books I had in-front of me.

I’m happy to report that I managed to read a total of 23 books in 2017 from start to finish, some took longer than others, but overall I think gained a lot by being able to focus intently on the books in-front of me. With that being said I dd fall short of my overall goal for 2017, I set out to read four books a month but only managed an average two for various reasons. On the bright side, I’ve got something to aim in 2018, so the new goal for this year will be read a total of 48 books which averages four books per month, which is entirely doable if I make some slights adjustments here and there, which include limiting my overall screen (laptop and smartphone) and increasing my daily reading time from 1 hour to about 2-2.5 hours 7 days a week. Sometimes I get so hell-bent on finishing books that I often forget the point of reading; which is to gain knowledge and perspective from mentors dead or alive and apply it to your everyday life, in some shape or form.