How To Be An Enigma

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The Weeknd is one of my favourite artists. I’ve been a fan of his ever since his early mixtape days. My memory isn’t great but I like to think I stumbled across his work at the same time as I discovered the likes of Frank Ocean and PARTYNEXTDOOR. I love that they each have their own distinctive sound and artistic expression. And considering how similar some R&B artists can be I think it’s to their credit they push themselves out of their comfort zones on each project or constantly evolved their sound, none more so than The Weeknd himself with his latest project After Hours. It’s the perfect embodiment of his sound. And, in my opinion, his best album to date, right up there with House of Balloons (yes I know it’s a mixtape).

I also appreciate the lengths at which The Weeknd goes to maintain his privacy, which I’m sure is incredibly difficult to do given that he’s bonafide pop star. But he does so without coming across overly pretentious yet somehow still managing to connect with his fans on a personal level. You only have to look at the way he responded to the news of the passing of an avid fan and former XOPODOCAST host during the release. He’s a class act. We’re probably not going to get an in-depth interview with him anytime soon, he hates interviews, but I enjoyed reading these tidbits for a recent feature he did with King Kong magazine and I’ve attached a few of my favourites below but you can read the full feature here.

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