Books I’m Reading During the Coronavirus Pandemic


I have to be honest with you, I’ve slacked off from reading the last few weeks. My usual routine consisted of 1 hour of reading a day, which allowed me to finish around 3-4 books per month, not bad. But as with most hobbies, I let things slip by the wayside and I’ve only managed to finish 2 books in the last couple of months, not good enough for me. But redemption comes in different forms and seeing as we’re going through a difficult time in the world right now with the coronavirus pandemic (COVID 19) it feels like there’s no better time to pick up reading again during the self-isolation period. If you’re interested I’m going to share some of the books I intended to read over the next few months. This will include a mixture of fiction and non-fiction, coffee table books and audiobooks. First, on the list, I have Margrave of the Marshes by Alexandra Ravenscroft and John Peel and Made In Cassina by Giampiero Bosoni.