Rick Owens Disco Boots


Going to Berghain every year has really made me appreciate club kids and their outfits. There’s an amazing array of incredible looking people who really make an effort when they go out, it’s cool to see. I’m too used to “dusty chic Hackney Wick warehouse vibe”. Although I think some of the outfits are a bit limited. Leather, PVC, and bondage. My favorite period of club clothing emanated from Studio 54 in the 1970s and 80s. From thrilly blouses, bell-bottom pants, and platform boots it looked like so much fun. I would never correlate Rick Owens with that time period given their overall aesthetic but I like the way he flipped the boot it in his own way. They look incredibly difficult to wear which I actually think is a good thing, you’re required to work a bit harder to make them work with your outfits but I like the addition of the metal cap on the front which reminds me of New Rock boots and the transparent 6-inch heel. It’s nothing short of fabulous! Below are some of my favorite looks featuring the boots, you can see the entire Rick Owens fall/winter 2020 show here.