Sneakerheads Make Up Your Minds!

asphaltgold-sneakerstore-adidas-yeezy-boost-350-raffle_811When Kanye West announced his intentions to make YEEZYs more readily available initially everyone was happy. You only have to scour the streets of a metropolitan city during the weekend to see that YEEZY is one of the most popular sneaker brands in the world, which probably helped its billion dollars valuation. Sneaker head culture is bigger than ever, back when I first started collecting shoes it was a fringe obsession you could never quite justify to your friends let alone your mum. Nowadays sneaker heads have turned themselves into self professed celebrities within their own little niche and it’s thriving. It’s a billion dollar industry but for some reason brands can get away with manufactured scarcity under the premise of “more hype, less shoes” but finally it feels like we’re reaching breaking point, hallelujah! You only have to observe StockX growing influence on the scene to realise there’s a huge market for fairly priced hyped sneakers.

The older you get and the more disposable income you have, the less likely you’ll be willing to spend whatever little free time you do have queueing outside of a store. The only other option you have is to enter a raffle for the opportunity to purchase. Some raffles are pretty straightforward, you click a button or two and bang in you’re in, others require you to like, comment, retweet and donate blood to increase your chances of success, fuck that! It’s not worth the headache and more likely than not you’ll receive a big fat L in your inbox on release day. Personally I think the ‘limited edition’ release model has devalued itself, it’s mostly the fault of brands who oversaturate the market with model after model of the same shoe in different colour ways, think Jordan 1 retros, do we really need to see another one? I would much rather see 80% of the so called limited edition shoes be made more readily available with less frequency, the remaining 20% should be reserved for the truly “special” sneaker projects think; Tom Sachs, Matthew Williams, *A COLD WALL, Fear of God, Off-White, Fragment more. This way brands will be able to provide the general and hardcore consumer with specific product without the fuss and ultimately without devaluing the final product. But what do I know…

Response to recent article ‘YEEZYs Are Finally For Everyone and No One Care’.