Visual God

You’ll often hear music snobs utter phrase “you have to see them live” when waxing lyrical about their favourite live acts and no-one would blame you if you rolled your eyes back to the far depths of cranium whenever you heard such a saying. But there is some truth to it, seeing musical acts live usually results in you a) becoming a bigger fan of said act or b) questioning why you bothered going in the first place. Both reactions are equally valid, the sooner you can free up some room for new artists who can deliver in a recorded and live format the better. One such example is A$AP Rocky, I had the pleasure of seeing him live at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona during the summer. I didn’t expect much, if anything I was anticipating a bit of a shit show. During the early years of A$AP Mob I remember seeing a YouTube video filmed on a potato of them performing dressed in all white to a half empty arena whilst screaming over an MP3. If there’s one thing I hate the most about live hip hop shows is there tendency to “phone it in” and perform their greatest hits with a vocal backing track. It’s annoying to listen and ultimately the height of laziness. Luckily Rocky did none of the sort and delivered one of the best live hip hop performances I’ve ever seen. You have to remember he was performing at festival where people weren’t necessarily there to see him, add to the fact it’s open air festival, all the chips were against him to fail, but he managed to deliver a high octane performance (with special guests appearances from Skepta) that made me realise just how big of a star he is. Add to the fact that whenever a close up of his face appeared an the big screens hoards of women screamed in unison, reminding all the men in attendance that we ain’t shit, thanks mate! Although ‘Fukk Sleep ft. FKA Twigs’ is one of my least favourite tracks from Testing, I absolutely love the music video which released over the weekend. Alongside Travis Scott and Tyler the Creator, Rocky’s videos are easily some of the best on the scene.