Munch Dat: Olive and Lemon Cafe, Stratford


DJing can be stressful at times, I spend most of my evenings during the week glued to my laptop screen desperately trying to come up with a new hour of music in preparation for gig on Friday/Saturday night. The gig itself is fairly straight forward, especially if I’ve done the necessary work beforehand but there are times, however brief, when I’m heading into the fourth hour of my DJ set where I think to myself “is all this work worth the squeeze?”. And you know what, it is, especially the morning after when you try and figure out where you’re going to have your fry up aka full English breakfast. You wake up bleary eyed and still relatively drunk but somehow find a way of locating several breakfast cafes within 5-10 minute walking distance to spend your hard earned DJ money. It’s one of life’s truly magical moments, I can guarantee you that.

I did just that the other day and ventured off to Olive and Lemon Cafe just outside the main Stratford Shopping Mall. I say main because we all know the big shiny step sister that is Westfield, Stratford isn’t the original Mecca of teenagers and single mothers alike. Stratford has gone through some changes post London 2012 Olympics, some of the better (more bars and restaurants) and some for the worst (more bars and restaurants) but one of great lasting legacies is the increased foot flow in and around Stratford.


Olive and Lemon Cafe is located just outside the Shopping Mall a couple doors before the big Wetherspoons, with ample amounts of seating outside, where most of the patrons were located even though it was minus zero degrees outside we decided to have seat indoors. We didn’t have to wait long for one of the attentive waitress to come over to our table and give a menu, which was fairly straightforward, thank god. The breakfast menu sat alongside various baguettes, ciabattas and wraps. I went for the ‘Full Breakfast’ because I’m a man but more importantly because I was hungover as fuck and desperately needed as much as carbs as possible in order to return to the land of the living. The brunette went for the ‘Mediterranean’ and by all accounts thoroughly enjoyed. I was quite surprised when my plate arrived, instead of a large porcelain white covered in greasy fried goodness I was presented with a fairly stripped back and dare I say “clean” plate of food. As you tell from the picture above everything looked and tasted fresh, the mushrooms were surprisingly nice. We also ordered a plate of chips (because why not) and they were perfectly cooked and with the addition of some of Himalayan sea salt (provided for free on each table) delightful. My only gripe were the eggs, they weren’t cooked as well as I liked, which I probably should have stated and I only got one instead of two and although the sausage was really tasty. Overall for £6.00 (including a coffee and two bits of toast) I was thoroughly satisfied and I’d be more than happy to visit again!

Score 7/10

Kids See Ghost

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 17.22.10

Say what you like about Kanye West politics, after his performance with Kid Cudi under the ‘Kids See Ghosts’ moniker it’s fair to say he’s the greatest artist of his generation. When you account for the timeless music, cultural impact and his exploits in fashion, Kanye’s talent is obvious. I’m a huge Kanye fan and I’ve accepted I’m never going to agree with everything he’s going to say and more important outside of the “arts” I don’t care what he has to say. I don’t go to him for my political hot-takes. As long as he’s able to provide awe inspiring moments of beauty such below at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival I’m good!

Public Personal Life


Not a lot of people that I was actually born in Paris. My Dad had a job that required a lot of traveling, during that time my mum was pregnant with me and unable to fly directly to London from Angola, we stopped off in Paris and boom my massive popped out! We eventually moved to London when I was around five or six years old. I spoke fluent French too but in an effort learn English to stave off the bullies at school I completely forgot it, bummer! I went back to Paris for the first time a couple years ago, primarily to attend Virgil Abloh first men’s runway show for Off-White. I was only in town for a couple of days but I really enjoyed my time there. There’s something about the serene nature of Parisian streets that instantly make you feel at ease, one after particular afternoon without realising I ended up walking around Paris trying to get lost for more 2 hours. It’s undoubtedly one of the best walking cities in the world! And according to this story on GQ Style there’s a brand new scene bubbling up, you can check out the rest of the feature here.

Sneakerheads Make Up Your Minds!

asphaltgold-sneakerstore-adidas-yeezy-boost-350-raffle_811When Kanye West announced his intentions to make YEEZYs more readily available initially everyone was happy. You only have to scour the streets of a metropolitan city during the weekend to see that YEEZY is one of the most popular sneaker brands in the world, which probably helped its billion dollars valuation. Sneaker head culture is bigger than ever, back when I first started collecting shoes it was a fringe obsession you could never quite justify to your friends let alone your mum. Nowadays sneaker heads have turned themselves into self professed celebrities within their own little niche and it’s thriving. It’s a billion dollar industry but for some reason brands can get away with manufactured scarcity under the premise of “more hype, less shoes” but finally it feels like we’re reaching breaking point, hallelujah! You only have to observe StockX growing influence on the scene to realise there’s a huge market for fairly priced hyped sneakers.

The older you get and the more disposable income you have, the less likely you’ll be willing to spend whatever little free time you do have queueing outside of a store. The only other option you have is to enter a raffle for the opportunity to purchase. Some raffles are pretty straightforward, you click a button or two and bang in you’re in, others require you to like, comment, retweet and donate blood to increase your chances of success, fuck that! It’s not worth the headache and more likely than not you’ll receive a big fat L in your inbox on release day. Personally I think the ‘limited edition’ release model has devalued itself, it’s mostly the fault of brands who oversaturate the market with model after model of the same shoe in different colour ways, think Jordan 1 retros, do we really need to see another one? I would much rather see 80% of the so called limited edition shoes be made more readily available with less frequency, the remaining 20% should be reserved for the truly “special” sneaker projects think; Tom Sachs, Matthew Williams, *A COLD WALL, Fear of God, Off-White, Fragment more. This way brands will be able to provide the general and hardcore consumer with specific product without the fuss and ultimately without devaluing the final product. But what do I know…

Response to recent article ‘YEEZYs Are Finally For Everyone and No One Care’.

Visual God

You’ll often hear music snobs utter phrase “you have to see them live” when waxing lyrical about their favourite live acts and no-one would blame you if you rolled your eyes back to the far depths of cranium whenever you heard such a saying. But there is some truth to it, seeing musical acts live usually results in you a) becoming a bigger fan of said act or b) questioning why you bothered going in the first place. Both reactions are equally valid, the sooner you can free up some room for new artists who can deliver in a recorded and live format the better. One such example is A$AP Rocky, I had the pleasure of seeing him live at Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona during the summer. I didn’t expect much, if anything I was anticipating a bit of a shit show. During the early years of A$AP Mob I remember seeing a YouTube video filmed on a potato of them performing dressed in all white to a half empty arena whilst screaming over an MP3. If there’s one thing I hate the most about live hip hop shows is there tendency to “phone it in” and perform their greatest hits with a vocal backing track. It’s annoying to listen and ultimately the height of laziness. Luckily Rocky did none of the sort and delivered one of the best live hip hop performances I’ve ever seen. You have to remember he was performing at festival where people weren’t necessarily there to see him, add to the fact it’s open air festival, all the chips were against him to fail, but he managed to deliver a high octane performance (with special guests appearances from Skepta) that made me realise just how big of a star he is. Add to the fact that whenever a close up of his face appeared an the big screens hoards of women screamed in unison, reminding all the men in attendance that we ain’t shit, thanks mate! Although ‘Fukk Sleep ft. FKA Twigs’ is one of my least favourite tracks from Testing, I absolutely love the music video which released over the weekend. Alongside Travis Scott and Tyler the Creator, Rocky’s videos are easily some of the best on the scene.

A Stirring Performance

I’m a huge Jordan Peterson fan. I’ve read his book and watched all his interviews, but this is easily of his best performances yet. Although he comes across prickly and dare I say aggressive, I personally think it’s riveting defence of every position he holds dear, it sounds like he’s had enough of the constant media mischaracterisations and unfortunately the interviewer from British GQ had to bare the brunt of it. Although I don’t agree with a lot of her view points I really appreciated how she pushed and probed JBP throughout, Helen Lewis contributed greatly to the interview.  Even if you don’t agree with many of Jordan Peterson’s arguments you have to admire his ability to debate an ideological possessed person hell bent on proving him wrong as opposed to uncovering truth(s). I implore you to watch it in its entirety!