Munch Dat: Yard Sale Pizza, Leytonstone


The unbearable heat wave that’s wreaked havoc across Europe this summer so the last thing I wanted to do this weekend was go outside. I DJ’ed on Friday night so I was nursing a bit of a hangover Saturday morning, but like all good companions I made promise to venture to on outside for a walk n’ pizza that I had to keep. I wasn’t familiar with the Yard Sale Pizza empire before checking it out, the last “trendy” pizza spot I went to was Pizza Pilgrims back when they used to sling slices on Berwick Street market, so it’s a been awhile and I kind of thought I was over, but I guess I was wrong.


Yard Sale Pizza, Leytonstone opened up a few months ago and judging by the reaction online it’s been a big hit the locals. It’s no secret that Leytonstone is coming up in the ranks, families and young people alike are willing to venture further East in the hope of securing more square-footage for their money. Naturally businesses are starting to follow suit and us locals are reaping the benefits! The restaurant itself is fairly small, it seats around 25 people with a few tables indoors and few more lined up outside where we spent our visit. We ordered 2 pizzas, the first was 11″ Popeye and the second 21″ Hell Yeah. Upon reflection we probably should’ve ordered both pizzas in a 11″ but as always with first time visits, our eyes were bigger than our bellies! The pizza’s themselves were great, the dough was insanely good, the kind of dough you just wanna dip in stuff and eat all day. Oh and whilst we’re talking about dips, we ordered the Garlic Herb dip and it lasted all of 5 seconds, it was very tasty! In terms of favourite pizzas of the two, I’d say I prefer the Hell Yeah, it’s a bit of a twist on the classic pepperoni but the added addition of guindilla chillies really set it off! All in all it’s a terrific little restaurant pumping out high quality pizzas and with great service to boot (waiters were a pleasure to deal with) and if you’re in the area I highly recommend you check it out!

Score – 10/10