Dirty Jobs

I’m really interested and if i’m being completely honest slightly worried about the role of automation and AI for the future of employment. It’s an inevitable change that no amount rhetoric will fix but more worryingly is the complete lack of attention being placed on it by the people it will affect the most. Maybe they’d prefer to spend their brain power ensuring their family and friends are safe and issues of robots taking over their jobs can be left to the government. I don’t necessarily agree but I get it, life is complicated enough as it is, why worry about issues you don’t really understand. But if there is something to gleaned from technology progressing at the rapid pace it is now, the next generation need to look for other more unconventional routes into the workforce and ultimately change their perspective of what success looks like. It’s refreshing to hear Mike Rowe argue for the return of vocational jobs and question the over glorification of University degrees, especially in subjects with limited future job/earning potential. The entire interview is a joy to watch and I encourage you to check it out!