This ain’t a purse, it’s a satchel!

Hip-hop is fucking amazing at the moment. Whatever your preference your bound to find an artists who can tickle your fancy. The younger generation are rewriting the rules and the older generation are finding new ways of positioning themselves in the market. Oh and the streaming services are still making the ALL the money, nothing has changed but everything has changed.

One thing I’m super stoked on is Tyler and Rocky’s growing bromance! If you’re a student of the game like myself, you’d know they haven’t always been on the best of the terms. When they both started out there was this weird tension in the air between both crews, but I’m glad they worked it out and by the looks of it, become real life friends. Sonically I’m really looking forward to hearing what kind of music they’ll make together. And if you believe Rocky’s troll they’re planning to release a joint project ‘Wang$ap’ soon. But for the time being enjoy this amazing loosey/freestyle ripped from the from AWGE DVD vol. 3 (which I recommend you check out) I’ve had it on loop since it dropped!