Get Out


I was living inside of some universe that was created by the mob-thought, and I had lost who I was, so that’s when I was in the sunken place. You look in my eyes right now — you see no sunken place. – Kanye West

You can read the full interview here.

The Most Important Moment in History


Virgil Abloh debuts his first Louis Vuitton mens collection in Paris on Thursday. Regardless what you may think about his work, it’s an important moment in the history of streetwear. A graduate from the “scene” has finally crossed over into the luxury fashion arena and he’ll present his undiluted take on modern luxury on the highest platform of all; the Paris runway. I’ll be remiss to point out it kind of doesn’t matter if it’s good or not, that’s subjective and I’m sure some people have already made their minds up before they’ve even seen it. With that said, just the fact he’s getting this opportunity is super important for the new generation coming up to see what’s possible when you have talent and an insane work ethic, there really is no limit to how far you can take this little ol’ thing we call streetwear. I’m really interested to see what Virgil does with the accessories and footwear at LV and he touches on that subject in this interview with the great Charlie Porter which you can read here.

“That line has been crossed,” he says. “Enough shirts have been sold and enough Instagram posts have changed the ecosystem, so you can’t go back.” But he is keen to move the conversation forwards. “Now that we’re the establishment, how do we behave?” he says. “Is it a complete upheaval of everything before? I don’t believe that. I think there has to be care in the thinking. There’s a lineage here, which is part of what I’m proposing.”