Why I Dislike Air Max Day


By all accounts sneaker culture is pretty big deal nowadays. If you believe what you read it’s $1 billion market but for some reason the end consumer is still required to jump through hoops to buy what they want. Maybe it’s my ego speaking but I find the experience of buying limited edition shoes incredibly demeaning, you’re required to like, retweet and share a post on social media just to have the honour of being entered into a raffle for a chance to purchase something, I find that ridiculous. I’m not an avid sneaker collector sneakers anymore, I hung up my jersey a long time ago but even back then the argument was that brands such Nike & Adidas couldn’t manufacture enough shoes to fulfil the demand, but can you honestly say you believe that in 2018? There’s no shortage of shoes being released every week, so you can throw that excuse right out of the window, but for some reason the most covetable ones are still being manufactured in low quantities and only being made available in select stores. It’s difficult for me to buy what I want and I live in London, lets spare for thought for someone living outside one of the major cities, what do you do then? Spend hundreds on bots which might not work or pay 5x the retail value on reselling platforms such as StockX? I don’t even blame the resellers, get your money playboy, I blame the brands and retailers who work hand-in-hand to drum up hype and not fulfil demand so they can pat themselves on the back for an “activation” well done. There’s no reason why sneaker brands can’t just manufacture more shoes and make the buying process easier, raffles and timed releases just don’t work of the majority of people online. But there’s companies out there who’ve managed to figure it out, why am I able to buy a new iPhone whenever I want but I can’t get a pair of Off-White x Nike Jordan’s without sitting on my laptop for 5+ hours frantically pressing F5 all day? It’s ridiculous and there’s no excuse for it. That’s why I don’t care for marketing gimmicks such as ‘Air Max Day’ if I’m not able to buy what I want. But you have to give Nike props, somehow they managed to convince sneaker heads they’re doing for the culture. I don’t buy it, this gimmick only serves Nike and their retailers and I want no part of it.