Food Delivery Is Harder Than You Think


I’ve been thinking about Postmates a lot lately. It feels like I use a combination of Uber Eats and Deliveroo every weekend, from ordering pizza to burgers it gets the job done without me having to move an inch. But there’s a gap in the market for a UK equivalent of Postmates. Let me set the scene, you get back home from a long day of work only to realise you don’t have rolling papers left, panic! Would you happily pay £1-5 extra to have a packet Raw’s delivered to your door? I know I would. There has to be reason why Postmates haven’t set up in London and a lot of might have to do with what Tony Xu, DoorDash CEO had to say about the perils of the delivery business during an interview with Recode;

“It’s on the fifth floor of Macy’s of a Westfield shopping center. We had to figure out how to get a dedicated parking spot for the [delivery] Dashers. We had to figure out how to take a special access elevator so that the Dashers can quickly get to the right spot. We had to figure out how to collate food from the bakery, the expo’d food center, the kitchen, as well as the drinks center. And we had to do it all just for that one location.

And then after that order, we have to dynamically figure out all the adjustments: If you added avocado to your toast, or whatever it is that you like to do to the order.

To make that one order happen, lots of details have to go right. It’s not just no longer working with fax machines. We have to integrate into all of the systems — the front end, the kitchen, as well as the back end. And once we get that right, we report out on that and we make it better.”

Hmmm…I guess there more to it than I was lead to believe, but I’d love to see someone give it a go, I’d sign up for it instantly!