Appearances Can Be Deceiving

I’m sure you’ve heard of this guy, he’s everywhere on social media, he’s the real life version of ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’. On the face of it it seems empty, but when you hear the man the speak about his journey you can’t help but admire him. But lets take a step back, lets imagine the story he tells isn’t 100% true, instead lets believe he was given an amazing head start in life through his family lineage, does that take away from the man he has become now? I think not. And I’ve got a funny feeling if you stripped him of everything right and asked him to do it again, he would with relative ease. There’s an interesting lesson to be learned from Gianluca Vacchi story, he mentions in the interview above that he sacrificed going holiday from 25-35 years old so he could build his businesses which eventually lead him to co-found ToyWatch with his brother. Not many people in his position would sacrifice the “golden age” of their youth to make money and only to reap the benefits in their 50’s, so before you point fingers and utter words “it’s easy for him” you need to understand that there’s no such thing as luck, winners win.