Supreme Suit


I’ve always kicked myself for not buying the suit from the Adam Kimmel x Supreme collaboration from a few years back, Adam Kimmel at the time was one of the most forward thinking mens fashion designers on the scene and his ‘relaxed’ approach to tailoring was welcomed rest-bite during the era of the ultra skinny – Hedi Slimane – boy. Those suits are long gone now, which bums me out but also makes me happy, it’s good to know there’s people out there wearing the suit on the regular basis instead of keeping it flipping for 10x the retail price the same way people do with box logo hoodies. Apart from sponsored skaters you don’t really many people wearing their Supreme gear every single day, everything always has to look new or super fresh, which in my opinion is a bit lame, but I guess its horses for courses and if you’ve can get 10x return on a hoody who am I to say anything? Anyways, I love these new suits Supreme previewed for their Spring/Summer 2018 collection, it’s interesting to see they’ve taken them in-house after their collabs with Adam Kimmel and CdG, maybe that’s a sign of things to come? I love the colours and overall shape (judging by the look book pics) but I wonder whether they’ll sell it as a complete suit or as individual items? Either way I love them and would happy wear all three.

More info here.