The Agostinho Zinga Show #060

In today’s episode, Agostinho rambles about The Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt, why getting black out drunk isn’t a good thing, marathon training and more…

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Black Panther ‘Is The Movie We Deserve’


I went to see Black Panther last night at the Genesis Cinema and I really enjoyed it. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but it still does a great job of telling story of The African Diaspora with some jokes sprinkled in for good measure. I’ve heard a lot of people say “why didn’t they make this film sooner?” – I would argue against that, I think the movie arrived at just the right time, it was in development for 4+ years and during that time Marvel Universe refined it’s recipe for making blockbusters movies and ultimately #BlackPanther reaped the rewards. Bravo to all involved, I’m definitely going to watch it again!

The Agostinho Zinga Show #059

In today’s episode, Agostinho rambles about Logan Paul demonetisation, Miroslava Duma, Supreme S/S ’18 preview, the benefits of being a backup DJ and more…

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Supreme Suit


I’ve always kicked myself for not buying the suit from the Adam Kimmel x Supreme collaboration from a few years back, Adam Kimmel at the time was one of the most forward thinking mens fashion designers on the scene and his ‘relaxed’ approach to tailoring was welcomed rest-bite during the era of the ultra skinny – Hedi Slimane – boy. Those suits are long gone now, which bums me out but also makes me happy, it’s good to know there’s people out there wearing the suit on the regular basis instead of keeping it flipping for 10x the retail price the same way people do with box logo hoodies. Apart from sponsored skaters you don’t really many people wearing their Supreme gear every single day, everything always has to look new or super fresh, which in my opinion is a bit lame, but I guess its horses for courses and if you’ve can get 10x return on a hoody who am I to say anything? Anyways, I love these new suits Supreme previewed for their Spring/Summer 2018 collection, it’s interesting to see they’ve taken them in-house after their collabs with Adam Kimmel and CdG, maybe that’s a sign of things to come? I love the colours and overall shape (judging by the look book pics) but I wonder whether they’ll sell it as a complete suit or as individual items? Either way I love them and would happy wear all three.

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The Agostinho Zinga Show #058

Hello friends! In today’s episode, Agostinho rambles about Aaron Bondaroff sexual assault allegations, F1 Grid Girls, Half Marathon training process and more…

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Justin Timberlake – Midnight Summer Jam |

MGMT – Me and Michael |


SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch


Wow, just wow. After listening to this book on Audible about Elon Musk I gained a huge amount of respect for the man and what he’s had to go through in order to realise his dreams. He helped found PayPal, started an electric car company called Tesla that no-one thought would work and then he managed to successfully launch a 6-storey high rocket into space with an original Tesla Roadster in the payload, how can you not respect the guy? Hopefully this launch helps to inspire a new generation to get excited about space again, because nothing makes me smile more than seeing nerds having a blast doing nerd shit!


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February Reading List


New month, new books! I’ve just finished reading ’12 Rules for Life’ and I’ve generally been on a bit of a Jordan B. Peterson content tear, so it only make sense that’ I’d finally pick up a copy of ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn one of the most cited books by Jordan Peterson, it’s a bit hefty, so I don’t imagine I’ll finish in a month, but it’s something I’m aiming to finish by Easter. The other books are all random picks from my Amazon Wish List with the exception of ‘The Happiness Hypothesis’ by Jonathan Haidt which I picked up after watching this interview with you-know-who. Oh and before I forget, whilst I’m on the subject of Wish List’s, if anyone knows of an app/hack or anything else I could use that will help me pick random items from my Amazon Wish List please email me and let me know! I’ve got over 800+ books on there and it gets a bit difficult choosing which books to read each month, so if I can automate that in some way that would be great.

Anyways enough blabbering from me, if you wanna read along or you’re just generally interested and want to find out more, please find links of the books I’m reading below;

‘The Happiness Hypothesis’ by Jonathan Haidt
‘Guns, Germs and Steel’ by Jared Diamond
‘The Gulag Archipelago’ by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
‘Grit: Why passion and resilience are the secrets to success’ by Angela Duckworth