Jordan B. Peterson Changed My Life


I had the pleasure of witnessing Jordan Peterson speak live at the Emmanuel Centre in London, during his tour for his new book ’12 Rules of Life; An Antidote to Chaos’. I’ve been following Jordan Peterson for a while now and judging by the sold out crowd in attendance I wasn’t alone in my admiration. The talk itself was amazing and incredibly thought provoking as usual, he emphasised something I’ve been thinking about a lot since the event; the need for your people to advocate for personal responsibility and attempt to be the best person they can be instead of fighting for “rights”. We live in a world where complaining is the name of the game and little to no resolutions get figured out between people with different points of view. So the need for more personal accountability has never been more important and I hope by following some of the idioms expressed in the book below transform my life. It’s a big ask I know, but there’s no harm in hoping!