I know we all like to pretend we don’t watch TV, but in my opinion with the advent of streaming there’s never been a better time to waste an hour or six watching tv shows from anywhere around world, whenever you want. One of my favourite series of late is an Italian mob drama called ‘Gomorrah’ – it recently got picked by Sky Atlantic but if you’re the resourceful type you should be able to find the newly released season 3 in all the usual places.

Originally based on a book by  Roberto Saviano – Gomorrah lifts the lid on the criminal underbelly of Naples and it’s various waring factions jostling for control with government breathing down their necks. It’s amazing written, just when you start liking a character Roberto Saviano switching the script and has the character do something unspeakable (i.e. torture a small child) so you’re left with no illusions. It’s right up there with the likes of The Sopranos and The Wire it’s ability to weave together various storylines and character arcs without becoming overbearing and more importantly it helps shed a light on the not so glamorous side of drugs and organised crimes. I implore you, if you don’t mind watching shows with subtitles please watch this now, I promise you will not be disappointed!