Please, No More Interviews!

This interview could have been so much better. I have a lot of time for Lou Stoppard, I really appreciate her honesty when it comes to critiquing the fashion industry, but why the fuck is she asking Rocky if he has ever been in love or not? Like come on man, it’s SHOWstudio not Baller Alert. I expected more fashion questions and instead Lou subjected him to the same run of mill soundbite hunting questions Hot97 & The Breakfast Club are known for.

I’m a big A$AP Rocky fan but he’s not the most articulate guy in the world, even more so when you’re asking him to comment on social issues, it’s not his forte, let’s stop asking what he thinks about Black Lives Matter and instead focus on some of the good stuff he’s done for his friends. There’s so many good questions SHOWstudio could have potentially asked Rocky that would have made for a far better interview, granted maybe Rocky just woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day, but i’m sure the questions didn’t help brighten his mood…when Lou said “what do you want to talk about?” I knew the interview was doomed. In the interest of not only providing critique, i’ve listed a few topics that could have made for a better interview, feel free to steal!

  • What does he think about Demna’s impact at Balenciaga?
  • What does he like about the Balenciaga Triple S’s?
  • Best shoe release of the year, what’s feeling?
  • Launching AWGE and it’s success…every member of A$AP Mob is rich outside music, that’s commendable and should be spoke or at least analysed a bit more thoroughly – what can younger artists learn from it
  • Playboi Carti’s cult following transitioning over to mainstream; effortlessly and what he thinks about it
  • Ian Connor’s resurrection and lessons learned from Bari’s incident
  • Where he’s at sonically with the new album that’s coming soon

That took me 5 minutes to type, come on guys you gotta do better!