What’s Another Word for Marketing?

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Buying limited edition shoes nowadays is extremely difficult, there’s more people out there interested in them and the brands themselves seem to enjoy making the process as difficult as can be for the sake of impressions, click throughs and ultimately sales. You can’t really blame them I guess, sneaker culture is a $1 Billion industry and it’s only going to get bigger and with a captive and highly engaged audience who are getting younger by the minute (have you seen how young the kids are in queues nowadays?) it only makes sense to the brands to milk for all it’s worth. But for those of us who enjoy wearing cool stuff without the fuss, it’s a fucking pain in the arse.  Luckily, lady luck was on my side for the Off White x Nike release a few weeks back. Somehow I managed to win a spot spot to attend a talk between Virgil and Kim Jones. And then somehow I lucked out again and won the raffle to purchase the Jordan 1’s from the collection. But I decided against going to the Virgil and Kim talk because I didn’t wanna surround myself with the “passion for fashion types” and more importantly how many panel discussions does one need to attend before the preverbal penny drops? I’ll leave you to ruminate on that one…

That aside the activation events themselves for the Nike “Ten Icons Reconstructed” were amazing. The list of panel speakers was great and dare I say refreshing (the likes of Venus and Benji B were incredibly insightful) and the workshops were great, in that they emphasised the idea of active participation as opposed to consumption and will hopefully inspire a new generation of a creatives. I’m not sure you can even call it an ‘activation’ event, we’ve seen how heavy handed brands do that kinda thing in the past,  but whatever it was, it was great, and I hope we see more of it in the future.