There’s a been a lot hoopla around Amazon Key since it was announced the other day, but I think it’s a great idea and step in the right direction for a company that hasn’t “missed” in a while. I’m a big advocate of Amazon Prime, it’s a fairly price and guarantees you next day or same day delivery on huge array of items, incredibly convenient and hassle free; win-win.  The only problem I’ve had with Amazon is when you’re not a home you have to send to stuff to your place of work. I’m not sure about you but it can be a tad annoying when everyone sees you’ve ordered something and they all come to your desk asking you “what did you get?” for the fifteen time. I’ve had enough, leave me and my things alone. Please.

I’m cool with the idea of Amazon couriers being able to leave packages inside my hall way, from the face of it it all seems pretty safe and i’m not that bothered about the privacy issues with the camera running 24hrs (but i’m sure you’ll be able to turn it off). Although i’m interested to see how lock system works and whether it requires you having to take a day off work for a locksmith to come and install it. I’d imagine this technology could work pretty well with Airbnb too, I love Airbnb but the check-in process is tedious, having to go back-and-forth with your host over WhatsApp isn’t my idea of fun. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just rock up with Airbnb wallet reservation on your iPhone and and scan the QR code on the door lock and voila, you’re in?! One can only hope…


I’ve been lazy as of late, I used to be the kind of person who stalked their favourite musical artists and buy tickets to gigs months in advance, just to make sure. Then it all kind of stopped, partly due to a busy schedule but more so the result of apathy. I’m sure i’m the only one who kinda feels like “I’ve seen it all before” but that’s a dangerous way of thinking, it closes you off to curiosity and importantly limits your experience touch points. I had this revelation whilst standing inside the o2 listening to Future belt out one banger after another for a solid 60 mins and it was amazing. I’ve been a Future-hive member for a long time but this show cemented my love for Mr. Hendrix’s.

Go and see your favourite artists live when their town.

The Agostinho Zinga Show #048

In today’s episode, Agostinho rambles about testosterone levels, benefits of a good diet, #SoberOctoBert update and more…

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Brian Eno & John Cale Footsteps –

MGMT – Electric Feel

Bloody Mary Morning – Willie Nelson

The Return of Casio G-Shock


Maybe it’s a symptom of being old as fuck, but the more and more i think about it, i really need a watch. I love the new Apple Watch Series 3 but the last thing I need is another smart device to distract me from what needs to be done on any given day. I’m not one of those “social media is ruining our lives” type of people but I do understand the importance of limiting distractions when you’re trying to get things done. In my opinion will power is overrated, if you really wanna get shit done you have  to create an environment that’s conducive to focused effort and for the majority of us that means putting on your phone on AirPlane mode and getting down to it. I was introduced to Casio watches in a funny way, I think I was 15 or something but I remember being of the age of where I expected/demanded a certain level of present, I was no longer happy with with the odd £20 note or pair of socks, I wanted something big and expensive for Christmas. Unfortunately my Dad had other ideas and in his infinite wisdom he decided buy me this watch for Christmas. I accepted the gift with a smile, slowly walked upstairs into my bedroom, closed the door behind me and sobbed uncontrollably into my pillow wondering why my parents hated me. Looking back it’s funny as fuck, but at the time I think was depressed for a week or so and it might go some way to example why I hate Christmas even till this day, but i guess that’s a story for another day.

That being said, things do change and you suddenly realise your parents weren’t evil after all when you start buying expensive Japanese streetwear magazines in the early 2000’s and on every other page guess what they have? Cool streetwear brands collaborating with Casio, ha funny how life works. Back then every brand under sun wanted a G-Shock collab on their CV. For some reason G-Shock’s kind of fell by the wayside with the general public and you don’t see a lot brands clamouring for a collaboration anymore but i still think they look really cool and judging by prices some watches are selling for on Yahoo! JP auctions, I’m not the only one.  I stumbled across this lovely DW-5600 model in collaboration with one of my favourite brands; Brain Dead and it looks fucking awesome!

The Agostinho Zinga Show #047

In today’s episode, Agostinho rambles about Solo 45’s rape charges, Man United beating Benifca and the fallout from the Liverpool match and more…

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Articles Mentioned
Solo 45’s rape charges –

Videos Mentioned
In Your Face: Interview – A$AP Rocky –
Cristiano Ronaldo goal vs Fulham 24/02/2007 –

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dvsn – P.O.V. –
King Krule – Logos – (couldn’t find the song, sorry)
Gucci Mane – Stunting Ain’t Nuthin ft. Slim Jxmmi & Young Dolph –

Opulence Personified


Supreme can’t miss. As soon you think they’ve “lost it” they surprise with one more thing. This incredibly luxurious cowhide leather adorned The North Face Nupste is incredible in it’s simplicity. It’s effectively the same ol’ Nupste in all leather. I own a couple Supreme x Nupste’s – their great jackets to wear during the winter months in London and I didn’t think I needed another one until I saw this. It’s the kind of jacket that’ll go well with a pair Acne jeans, Saint Laurent Wyatt’s and your cigar of choice – I don’t smoke but the thought of it seems cool. They kind look similar to these Double Goose ‘V’ bomber jackets. I want one so bad 😦


Please, No More Interviews!

This interview could have been so much better. I have a lot of time for Lou Stoppard, I really appreciate her honesty when it comes to critiquing the fashion industry, but why the fuck is she asking Rocky if he has ever been in love or not? Like come on man, it’s SHOWstudio not Baller Alert. I expected more fashion questions and instead Lou subjected him to the same run of mill soundbite hunting questions Hot97 & The Breakfast Club are known for.

I’m a big A$AP Rocky fan but he’s not the most articulate guy in the world, even more so when you’re asking him to comment on social issues, it’s not his forte, let’s stop asking what he thinks about Black Lives Matter and instead focus on some of the good stuff he’s done for his friends. There’s so many good questions SHOWstudio could have potentially asked Rocky that would have made for a far better interview, granted maybe Rocky just woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day, but i’m sure the questions didn’t help brighten his mood…when Lou said “what do you want to talk about?” I knew the interview was doomed. In the interest of not only providing critique, i’ve listed a few topics that could have made for a better interview, feel free to steal!

  • What does he think about Demna’s impact at Balenciaga?
  • What does he like about the Balenciaga Triple S’s?
  • Best shoe release of the year, what’s feeling?
  • Launching AWGE and it’s success…every member of A$AP Mob is rich outside music, that’s commendable and should be spoke or at least analysed a bit more thoroughly – what can younger artists learn from it
  • Playboi Carti’s cult following transitioning over to mainstream; effortlessly and what he thinks about it
  • Ian Connor’s resurrection and lessons learned from Bari’s incident
  • Where he’s at sonically with the new album that’s coming soon

That took me 5 minutes to type, come on guys you gotta do better!

Greatly Maligned

Tai Lopez gets a lot of stick online, most of it warranted it has to be said, because he came out of the blocks as the living embodiment of everything everyone hates about the “self help” guru culture. The internet didn’t respond well to “some guy” filming himself talking into his phone against a backdrop of expensive cars, shelves of books and cameos from extremely attractive women. It also didn’t help that in the early days Tai was also a little cagey when it came to revealing anything about past or how how he made his money and in the world of internet fame, where everyone wants to know everything at anytime, it rubbed people up the wrong way and ultimately feed into their cynicism.

But with that being said it seems as if the tide has now a turned and everyone seems to like Tai Lopez again. I’ve always been a fan, i’ll go a record and say he’s the reason why I read 4 books a month, I built up most of my book collection on the back his book recommendations. It’s probably one of the best booklist out there, especially if you commit to reading all the books in the order and you can check it out here. It’s been great to the see the change in public opinion, because I think fundamentally he’s a cool guy who really wants to help people make more money and live a happier life and he happens to makes insane amounts cash for himself along the way, it’s all good.

If you’re still on the fence and open to changing your mind, check out these two interviews he recently did, I think he came across really well in them.

The Agostinho Zinga Show #046

In today’s episode, Agostinho rambles about hip-hop artists signing other artists, Lil Pump and Smokepurpp new tapes, philosophy of Dorian Yates and more.

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Music Played
Kehlani – Honey –
Giggs – Gully Niggaz –

Albums You Need to Check Out
Lil Pump – Self Titled –
Smokepurpp – Deadstar –

Other links

Joe Rogan Experience #989 – Dorian Yates –

Collective Facilitation

The allegations that have surfaced within the last week or two regarding Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein are deplorable to say the least. I visited Hollywood a couple of years ago and I can attest to the overly friendly nature of the people that live there, it’s the place where everyone goes in the hope of making their dreams come true, so every conversation you have whether it’s in a dive bar or a lock-in at the comedy club, there’s an air of “you never know” one conversation could literally change your life. So in a way I understand why these allegations have only come to light recently, no-one wanted to ruin their relationships or potentially derail the trajectory of their career by accusing one of the most powerful figures in Hollywood of sexual misconduct, because as the first public accuser proved; no-one will probably believe you. But with that being said, in the aftermath of the original allegations bonafide Hollywood stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie have also come out and said they experience harassment at the hands of Harvey Weinstein and judging by the slew of people coming it you get the impression it was a well known in the industry that this guy like to prey on women. Then on the flip side you have other celebrities coming out and saying how dumbfounded they are that he could do such a thing, seemingly these celebrities were not privy to the industry gossip or they’re simply refusing to kick the man whilst he’s down, either way I don’t buy it. The culture needs to change and everyone is to blame.

It remains to be seen what kind of punishment if any he’ll receive, but that aside collectively Hollywood needs to remove their blinders and take a long hard look in the mirror and ask why they allowed this to go on for so long.