The Agostinho Zinga Show #043

In today’s episode, Agostinho rambles about Hetty Douglas, public shamming, outrage culture and more…

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A Glimpse Of the Future

I did my best to avoid all the leaks prior to the Apple iPhone X event and it wasn’t easy. It feels like ever since Steve Jobs died Apple has been a bit of leaky ship when it comes to up and coming product news. Back in those days the only glimpses we got into Apples future plans came from speculative patent applications. The event itself was awesome, the iPhone X looks amazing – that screen is gorgeous – and the Apple Watch Series 3 is an industry game changer; you can FINALLY leave your iPhone at home woohoo! I can’t wait to get my hands on both, I’m probably go for the iPhone X over the iPhone 8 and the watch is gonna be my go to running aide. Now it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of the industry reacts/copies it.

Trainers Look Better Beat Up


Sneaker culture is super corny. From the events that surround it, to the shoes that people lose their shit over (various iterations of the same ol’ Jordans, count me out) it’s a bit fools errand. But the funny thing is I used to be one of those fools a few years ago. Back then there wasn’t a release that would go by that I didn’t “cop” and even though I was earning far less than I’am now, I always managed to find a way to pay for shoes, it’s really weird but I guess when you’re really into something you’ll make the necessary sacrifices to get your buzz, sorta like what happens to crackheads I’d imagine. And yes, I did compare buying more shoes than you’ll ever need in one lifetime to drug addiction, because I was an addict. And it was all for nothing too – Yeah it was great to be part of a subculture (I made some good friends) but unfortunately I was naive enough to be sold a dream that lead me to believe that somehow buying shoes would eventually lead me to land me some cushy job working at Nike. That plan didn’t work out obviously and I grew tired of the scene in general and promptly made my exit, but these companies are geniuses at what they do and eventually they pulled me back in…

I’ve always wanted these Nike x Tom Sachs shoes and when it was announced they’d re-release this year I just HAD to get them. I love the way they rolled them out (kettlebell swings, push-ups and Joseph Campbell’s A Hero’s Journey all rolled into one ) and the message contained inside the box that reads “valid once worn, and worn to death by YOUY.” That’s what I used to love about old Japanese street style pictures, seeing guys wearing beat shoes in a really cool and interesting way instead of that standard box fresh look that plagues sneaker forums till this day. I’ve been wearing these for 3 weeks straight, including on holiday to the Canary Islands recently, and I can’t wait until they get scuffed up some more and really come to life. I think I might get a second pair too, they’re that good!

Bravo Tom Sachs.

September Reading List


Over the last few years I’ve gone back and forth between reading 2-4 books month. What started off as some sort of weird challenge to see how many books I could get through in a calendar year, has now evolved into a life-long practise (I hope) of trying to soak up much knowledge as I can. There’s a lot to be said about reading books, more than I care to expand on here, I think sometimes book readers can veer on the side of extreme self adulation when talking about books. It’s not that big of a deal and it’s not something everyone should do if they don’t want to. But what I will say is, being able to carve out a minimum of a 1 hour a day of reading time, away from any technological device has greatly benefited my life in ways I’ll probably only understand when I’m old and grey.

With that being said here’s the books I’m currently reading in the month of September – I picked up ‘City of Night’ on the back reading ‘Please Kill Me’ – citations are a great way to get book recommendations – and ‘The Gift of Fear’ after listening to an episode of Sam Harris’s Waking Up podcast with the author Gavin DeBecker. Enjoy.

All My Friends Are Dead

Nepotismthe practice among those with power or influence of favouring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.

I’ve been staunchly against that word and everything it encompasses ever since I stumbled into the scene a few years back, but the older I get the more think, maybe I was wrong? Having been exposed to the truly barmy world of standup comedy – through the medium podcasts such as JRE, Bertcast, Your Moms House and loads of others – I’ve realised there’s not many successful comedians out there who haven’t got where there they are without the help and support of a close group of friends, who more likely than not have some of sort influence in said industry. There’s basically no way you can “make it” nowadays without the help of “friends” however much it pains me to admit it, being the serial loner that I’am. What will I do with this new information you ask? You’re bet is as good as mine, because as much as I would love my career to progress further, there’s not a chance in hell i’ll go back to brown nosing it at launch events with people I don’t like, so hopefully i’ll find my own to circumnavigate it all. Oh whilst we’re still here and the whole “I’m super proud of…” expression really gets on my tits, it probably says a lot more about me than it does about them, but I’d like to think some of us still live in the real world and not all our friends have cool and amazing projects on the go; or maybe that’s just me? Who knows, either way this video is really cool and I love the fucking shoes, hopefully when they release I can get my hands on them.

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