Long Live Boiler Room

Although some of the criticism levelled against Boiler Room is valid I think in recent years they’ve become a bit of de facto “whipping boy” for gentrification and all its evils, which is extremely unfair considering the amount of work they’ve done over the years to provide a platform for artists big or small to showcase their talents to millions people around the world.

I guess people have short memories or maybe they’re just jealous that they didn’t come up with the idea themselves, because lets face it it’s a fairly simple idea. Turn on a video camera and document the events of the subsequent night and stream it around the world for all to see; FOR FREE.

Personally I love it. I guess BR came around during a time when London was besieged by cooler than thou parties for “friends and family” and here comes the new upstart in BR promising you that if you email a specific address (remember those days?) you too will have a chance of attending the party. It was the best and I got see some of my favourite DJ’s play in some of the most interesting venues all across London and couple times in Berlin too.

Granted there’s aspect of their operation that lean on the “tone deaf” side of things but we let’s give them the benefit of doubt, we live in overly sensitive times, where any slight missteps is totally blown out of proportion by professional SJW’s who more are concerned with placing themselves in the centre of “scandals” then rewriting societal ills.

Plus, I fucking loved the Notting Hill Carnival stream this year, having that on in the background whilst I got ready for Monday’s festivities was fucking great, it felt like you were there and ultimately put me in good spirits, thats a win win in my book.