I’ve had this line running through my head the past couple of weeks “if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re probably doing something wrong” and it was made more evident today. I had to record a video of myself talking into a camera for a “client” (don’t ask) and then it got me thinking; why don’t I post videos/vlogs on YouTube? I talk enough as it and all these corny-ass vloggers seem to be racking it in. And I rate myself quite highly; so why am I not doing it? I’m a part-timer gripped by fear. I have aspirations of taking over the world but executing that vision is a lot harder than thinking about, trust me I’ve done a lot thinking over the years and its fair to say the results have been non-existent.

Ultimately the act of filming something and putting it out there is uncomfortable as fuck let alone the act of standing in front of a camera and talking about a subject you’re not well versed in, but we all gotta start somewhere. The entire experience felt foreign, i didn’t know where to put my face, whether to look directly at the camera or at the imaginary audience, my list of grievances went on and on and on…

Eventually i got it done and realised doing what makes you scared is the key to life and essential fear something that never goes away, which is a good thing. In those moments of fear i understood more about yourself than I ever did when i was “happy” and i think you could have the same results too if you just took that chance and stepped outside your comfort zone.

Do something that scares you, everyday, no matter how big or small, you’ll thank yourself for it later I promise.