Maria y Alex


I’ve never been a marriage kind of guy, I think it’s all a bit archaic and unnecessary and it was definitely something I could never picture myself ever doing. I’m more of a “life partner” kind of guy, I hate all the fuss and attention that goes along with weddings, but my opinion changed ever so slightly when I attended my first ever wedding in Madrid last week. Family and friends all gathered to witness Maria and Alex join in holy matrimony and against my better judgement I was floods of tears. There was something so pure about it all that connected with me on a level I never expected. I guess living a life where your true self is always at odds with the world around you, you start developing alternate ways of seeing things, but for one time only what I was seeing was REAL and I couldn’t un-see it no matter how hard I tried. There was nothing gimmicky or over top, it was just two adults becoming one under the eternal gaze of God (if you believe in that kind of thing of course). Now that’s not to say I want to get married anytime soon, I very much doubt I ever will but it’s fair to say I’m less of a grinch about it all. I kinda get it now, I really do, weddings are beautiful as fuck!


The “brunette” and her friends.