Why Madrid feels like home

Hello blogosphere it’s me again, your friendly neighbourhood ranter. It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? For some odd reason, I’ve neglected the blog in favour of other social media channels. It’s funny because this is the one place where my unfiltered but extremely loud voice can live without fear of judgement (yay to disabling comments) and scrutiny (no-one’s gonna read it anyways, right?). Even though we are all inundated with streams of information hurtling towards at breakneck speeds, most of it unwelcome, I’d like to take 5 minutes of your time to tell you about my trip…

I just got back from my holiday in Madrid, Spain. The “brunette” friend was getting married so like the good lapdog that I am I decided to tag along for the ride. Embarrassingly it was my first time visiting the birthplace of the “brunette” and for once I did ZERO research ahead of time. Instead, I put all my faith in the “brunette” guiding me around her city and showing me what locals do. Thankfully the weather in Madrid was a bit better than it is back home in London, temperatures, for the most part, were around the 20-30 degrees range, perfect for a serial-all-black wearer like myself, not.

It’s fair to say I kinda fell in love with Madrid. I hardly know the language apart from the usual pleasantries like “Can i get another beer please I’m thirsty as fuck!” but it has to be said, they’ve figured how to live well over there. Yes the Spanish economy isn’t what it once was and unemployment is rampant in a city dominated by one political scandal after another, but you wouldn’t guess that interacting with the locals. Everyone is super chill maybe it’s partly due to the weather in the summer months, you can’t exactly “run around” in a city where the normal summer temp is in the high 40’s, you’d basically melt. And for the entire week I was there I didn’t feel rushed once.

Spanish people take their time doing everything, from ringing up groceries at the till, to ordering at a restaurant everything takes 10 minutes more than you’re used to, so be prepared for that. Take a deep breath and chill, do some people watching (they love that over there) or just admire the fact that you’re seating outside in the sun ordering some delicious food surrounded by people who love you, even if they don’t know you. I felt the love for sure.

I ate and drank a lot in Madrid I guess that’s what people do over there and to be honest there’s no shortage of options either. But we warned if you’re the veggie type do some research beforehand because for the entire time I was there I can count on one hand the number of greens I saw on fellow diners plates. They love meat over there more than anything and from the stuff I had, they have good reason too. I’ve put together a small selection of pictures of the food I ate for you to have a gander.

Oh and i forgot to mention, I’m gonna buy a house in Madrid, I guess enjoyed my trip.


Patatas bravas



Croquetas, trust me they taste as good as they look.


El Económico, Calle Argumosa, 9, 28012 Madrid, Spain


I feel in love with this tiny coffees, I had one everyday!


Breakfast in Spain, simple and super tasty


Lorena, Plaza de la Cebada, 3 28005 Madrid

IMG_2496IMG_2497 (1)IMG_2498IMG_2499


As you can tell, I love potatoes…




The calamari baguette on the left was fucking insane!