March/April Reading List


I’ve been reading 4 books a month for the last couple of years and so far it’s been one the best decisions i’ve ever made. I got bite by the reading bug initially a few years ago when i started listening to podcasts and watching random YouTube videos. Everyone i seemed to tune into had a great books to recommend for further reading on any given subject, so i thought why not give it a go? It’s a been a hard process, i wouldn’t say i’m a “natural” reader by any stretch of the imagination, but working on it day after day has worked wonders, so much so i now prefer reading during my morning commute rather than messing around on my iPhone.

I finally got around to ordering my reading list for March, but seeing as we’re on the homestretch it’ll probably end up taking me into mid-April. Although that being said i’m aiming to power through 2 books before the end of the month!

If you want to purchase any of the books above please use my Amazon affiliate links below;

  1. Sex At Dawn by Christopher Ryan
  2. Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari
  3. Flash Boys by Michael Lewis
  4. King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine by Robert Moore

Problem Solving


I’ve been using my whiteboard again to write myself little inspirational messages to kick start my day.  This morning was a bit different when i stumbled upon this quote whilst flicking through ‘Tools of Titans‘ by Tim Ferriss. I’ve been thinking about AI and Universal Basic Income a lot lately and how it’ll affect future generations.

Because the general consensus nowadays is your worth/wealth is directly proportionate to the amount of “problems” you solve in your given occupation. I wonder whether that will hold true in the future, especially in the case of low-skilled jobs

Interviews Are Fun

I recently revisited an interview i did a while back during the heady days of DJ’ing every weekend. It’s fun to revisit some of the things I spoke about back then, it’s only from a couple years but i recognise the little flaws in my character that i still have till this day. I’m giving off an air of “not giving a shit” when in actuality i give all the shits and care deeply about everything I’m speaking about, however ill informed it might be.

I’m taking another shot at placing myself at the centre nightlife culture this year. Whether it’s writing reviews for parties (which i’m aiming to get published on Resident Advisor) or locking down residency somewhere cool and put into practise the learnings i’ve gathered over the years. Whilst still maintaining a sense of ‘zero expectations’ and concentrating most of my efforts in showing up everyday and putting in the required amount of work. Whether it gets me where i want to go is irrelevant, the process the name of game.

P.s. I fucking hate my outfit in this video.

Big Dreams and Misguided Inspiration

In a sea of pseudo self-help gurus Gary Vaynerchuk stands apart in his ability to dissect complex problems (business or personal) and offer clear and concise advice and direction, without the unnecessary anecdotes of his contemporaries. With that being said and by his own admission you are not required to consumer Gary’s content on a daily basis, he neither sells or endorses e-books, mastermind groups or online courses. Gary’s modus operandi is simple…“hard work & patience”

That message couldn’t be clearer during a recent episode of the #AskGaryVee Show with caller. Unlike other hosts Gary isn’t big on bullshit. He often strips questions back to the raw essences and exposes the caller to the REAL issue at hand. And more often than not it doesn’t come as a surprise, it’s a sobering experience for both caller and viewer alike.

Taylor’s issue was simple at first, an ambitious graduate with lofty aspirations, she felt weighed down by a sense of self inflicted expectation, the perceived successes of her millennial counterparts and she desperately needed someone to pull her out of her rut. Although what transpired during the phone-call was a lot more than bargained for as Gary masterfully honed into the REAL issue at hand, a lack of patience and hard work. But enough from me, watch the video above NOW and remember to “deploy patience and love the process!”

Nothing New Under the Sun


The notion within the health and fitness space that the methods of yesteryear are dated and in need of a radical overhaul couldn’t be further from the truth. In our quest for the newest and shiniest thing we’ve somehow forgotten the important lessons of what came before. Adopting those same principles and infusing them with new discoveries in science and technology will eventually get us closer to the promise land we all seek and our ultimate goal; look good naked.

I say all this to say, kettle-bell work outs specifically the traditional kettle-bell swing are one of the best full body workouts you can find. Dating back to the early 1700 kettle-bell workouts require very little in the form of programming. Just pick up a weight heavy enough to elicit the requisite amount of work and swing away. During your development you can also pick up form cues via YouTube videos from stellar kettle-bell practitioners such as Pavel Tsatsouline and Jeff Martone.

Impossible Is Nothing


By now the reverberations of Barcelona’s historic Champions League win against PSG the other day should have reached wherever you are in the world (that is if you have any interest in football). As unimaginable as that result was, there was an inevitability about it too. To being with no-one expected PSG to outclass and outplay Barcelona the way they did  in the 1st leg and by that very same token if ever there was a team who had the slightest chance of winning a game by 6 goals, it’s Barcelona.

Link to the winning goal – Barcelona 6-1 Paris SG – Sergio Roberto 90’+5′

Tinder Select and The Streisand effect


To some extent the almost fervent desire for us mere mortals to want what we can’t have, has led to this story about Tinder Select spreading like wildfire in past 24hrs. Supposedly Tinder has a “secret” (most likely beta) feature of their app reserved for the most matched and ultimately attractive users of their widely popular app. On the face of it it kind of makes sense. Vanity and shallowness is part of Tinder’s modus operandi and thus far everyone who uses it has begrudgingly agreed that it kinda works. You’re offered options of potential mates within your proximity and given the option to “like or not like” based on your first impressions. All good.

Unfortunately i expect a large group of Tinder users will take offence to this new feature, scores of unattractive women will protest on the mean streets of Twitter with the hashtag campaign #deletetinder and demand an immediate removal of said feature or worse yet some sort of inclusion effort; along the way roping in triggered minorities. Just you wait and see.

We all know Tinder isn’t a fair or genuine representation of the dating scene, there’s more nuanced detail involved when you’re trying to decide who to kiss, sleep or mate with. But to even attempt to encapsulate that in one app would be a near impossible endeavour and judging by the amount of dating sites and apps out there no-one has quite cracked it. So don’t get your panties in a twist it’s just an app, if you don’t like it by all means delete away, but that still doesn’t diminish the fact that there’s a small group of highly attractive Tinder users out there who are fed up with their proximity dependent selection of grenades the world over.

Let the hot guys and girls of Tinder live i say.



I’ve been reading/listening to “The Everything Store” by Brad Stone an expose of sorts on the rise of Amazon and it’s founder Jeff Bezos. It’s a great read and i’m only 1/4 of the way through. So far one thing that sticks out about Jeff is his incredible level of intensity. From the very beginning Jeff always had lofty ambitions for Amazon and pushed his employees way beyond their capacity in an effort to get a jump on big retail giants such as Barnes & Noble and Walmart. In the process becoming the archetypal “everything store” and making some of those early employees rich beyond their wildest dreams.

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