Everything is gonna be alright


So there we have it, one of the biggest stories of year comes to a logical if not surprising conclusion, Donald Trump is the next president of USA. It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet, the guy i grew up watching on ‘The Apprentice’ is the leader of the “Free World”. Throughout the entire election process i don’t think anyone – apart from Ann Coulter – would have predicted Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination let alone the Presidency.

Whilst scanning across my social media feed, the reaction the anti-Trump contingent hasn’t been great. The self-professed intellectuals are unhappy that the silent majority – who they deem to be far less intelligent than they are – have potentially plunged their country into despair by electing Trump. I personally think it’s a false narrative largely based on arrogance. And if anything it further illustrates how out-of-touch we are with the wider community, even with the advent of social media. The fact of the matter is large swathes of Americans of varying levels of education made an informed decision to gamble on Trump and do away with establishment in the case of Hilary Clinton. It could prove to be a fatal error, but as it stands the people have spoken and dismissing that would be self-absorbed to the extreme.

Moving forward we should do away with party politics, it only leads to partizan loyalty and blinds us to the plight of those around us. Instead we should all work to serve each other in whatever shape or form, lending hand to those above and below us in the hope that together we can make the world a better place. Utopian it may but i’m optimistically stead fast and i hope you are too.