I’ve got no money but I need to create


I’m fascinated with flyer design, its one of the best canvas’s to flex your creative muscles, if you have little to no resources. I used to spend an insanse amount of time pouring over every post on the aNYthing glob (RIP – i tried to google it so i could link to it but no bueno, sorry, you’ll just have to believe me on this). They used to post some of the best flyers on there. From artist, filmmakers, designers and party promoters, each flyer had a distinct feel and look to it depending on who was on the lineup. I could never figure out if the designer was in-fact the person responsible for said event, but that didn’t matter as much, because the artwork itself was really interesting.

The key to great design regardless of the medium is to approach it with a varied set of reference points; preferably outside of the field you’re working within. The results are usually quite interesting. With that being said, the artwork above is something i put together for mix series i put out 3x a week. I think it looks quite cool.