Halloween twenty-sixteen


This picture was taken at approximately 11:23pm somewhere near Liverpool Street Station on the Friday before Halloween. For some reason this guy was walking across the street topless, delirious and alone. If ever there was an advert for responsible drinking, this is it.

The Agostinho Zinga Show episode #016


The meme above has nothing to do with the fact that I just dropped another episode of my “hit” podcast ‘The Agostinho Zinga Show’ episode #016 – but i thought it was a funny nonetheless. I’m a bit of a self confessed dandy. The picture above was taken around 2012 at a party called Love Fever one of the best underground club nights i’ve ever been too. The work that went into them was really impressive too. They paid close attention to everything in the space from lighting to sound and even interior decorations. And considering i’d turn up to the club nights i organised with a dozen A3 sheets of paper and stick them to the wall in the DJ booth, Love Fever served as benchmark for what i should be striving to achieve and eventually surpass!

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“Todays show I talk about Peter Thiel’s comments regarding Donald Trump, Halloween 2016 madness in East London and what i learned when no-one turned up to my party…”

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