Everything is gonna be alright


So there we have it, one of the biggest stories of year comes to a logical if not surprising conclusion, Donald Trump is the next president of USA. It still hasn’t quite sunk in yet, the guy i grew up watching on ‘The Apprentice’ is the leader of the “Free World”. Throughout the entire election process i don’t think anyone – apart from Ann Coulter – would have predicted Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination let alone the Presidency.

Whilst scanning across my social media feed, the reaction the anti-Trump contingent hasn’t been great. The self-professed intellectuals are unhappy that the silent majority – who they deem to be far less intelligent than they are – have potentially plunged their country into despair by electing Trump. I personally think it’s a false narrative largely based on arrogance. And if anything it further illustrates how out-of-touch we are with the wider community, even with the advent of social media. The fact of the matter is large swathes of Americans of varying levels of education made an informed decision to gamble on Trump and do away with establishment in the case of Hilary Clinton. It could prove to be a fatal error, but as it stands the people have spoken and dismissing that would be self-absorbed to the extreme.

Moving forward we should do away with party politics, it only leads to partizan loyalty and blinds us to the plight of those around us. Instead we should all work to serve each other in whatever shape or form, lending hand to those above and below us in the hope that together we can make the world a better place. Utopian it may but i’m optimistically stead fast and i hope you are too.

I’ve got no money but I need to create


I’m fascinated with flyer design, its one of the best canvas’s to flex your creative muscles, if you have little to no resources. I used to spend an insanse amount of time pouring over every post on the aNYthing glob (RIP – i tried to google it so i could link to it but no bueno, sorry, you’ll just have to believe me on this). They used to post some of the best flyers on there. From artist, filmmakers, designers and party promoters, each flyer had a distinct feel and look to it depending on who was on the lineup. I could never figure out if the designer was in-fact the person responsible for said event, but that didn’t matter as much, because the artwork itself was really interesting.

The key to great design regardless of the medium is to approach it with a varied set of reference points; preferably outside of the field you’re working within. The results are usually quite interesting. With that being said, the artwork above is something i put together for mix series i put out 3x a week. I think it looks quite cool.

Halloween twenty-sixteen


This picture was taken at approximately 11:23pm somewhere near Liverpool Street Station on the Friday before Halloween. For some reason this guy was walking across the street topless, delirious and alone. If ever there was an advert for responsible drinking, this is it.

The Agostinho Zinga Show episode #016


The meme above has nothing to do with the fact that I just dropped another episode of my “hit” podcast ‘The Agostinho Zinga Show’ episode #016 – but i thought it was a funny nonetheless. I’m a bit of a self confessed dandy. The picture above was taken around 2012 at a party called Love Fever one of the best underground club nights i’ve ever been too. The work that went into them was really impressive too. They paid close attention to everything in the space from lighting to sound and even interior decorations. And considering i’d turn up to the club nights i organised with a dozen A3 sheets of paper and stick them to the wall in the DJ booth, Love Fever served as benchmark for what i should be striving to achieve and eventually surpass!

Listen to The Agostinho Zinga Show #016 on iTunes and Spreaker

“Todays show I talk about Peter Thiel’s comments regarding Donald Trump, Halloween 2016 madness in East London and what i learned when no-one turned up to my party…”

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Buy less, do more


Everyday  i run into the same problem, what am I going to wear? I have to many clothers to choose from. On the face of it it seems like a great problem to have, but for an indecisive guy like me, it turns into a huge waste of time. There was a period in my life when i used to enjoy getting dressed in the morning, figuring out what look i wanted to go for? What trainers match my jacket? Which forum i was going to upload my outfit on? All this and more played into my decision making process. But then i grew up and quickly realised the last thing i want to do is spend in advance of one hour getting dressed in the morning, especially with eight hours of work ahead of me. During that time i also fell out of love with buying clothes for the sake of it, it came to ahead when i realised one day that i had eight ‘different’ camo M65’s in my collection. If you’re at all familiar with army wear you’d know that each item is fairly standardised – minus a few country, region or time period alterations here and there – so for someone to own eight M65’s you’re on your to developing some sort mental illness whether you want to believe it or not.

I ended selling a lot of my clothes a few years, mainly so i could pay my way through University and not have to rely on my parents for money when i graduated. But the level of hoarding i was at previously meant any clear out sale i did, hardly made a dent in my growing mountain for clothes. I have visions of living a more minimalist life, where i’m not tied down or attached to my worldly possessions but it seems as if whatever i do, i just can’t seem to get rid of my “stuff”. I’m in a fairly good place at the moment, i largely prioritize experiences (festivals, holidays that kind of thing) over material possessions, but every morning i’m constantly reminded of my past indiscretions when i open my wardrobe. Don’t make the same mistake i did, buy less, do more.

What I learned from listening to Meek Mill’s Interview on Tax Season

I remember watching a video a few months ago of Elon Musk speaking at Recodes’ annual Code Conference where he questioned whether or not we’re computer generated entities living within an AI powered virtual reality, indistinguishable from reality itself. It’s an interesting argument and something i’ve been pondering ever since.

I often think we mistake public meltdowns from celebrities as sign of their fragile mental state, i’d argue that these meltdown’ are symptom of the continued blurred lines between social media and real life. Warranted, there are times when their reactions are over top, often belying any sense of self awareness and reason. But we tend not to take into consideration the sheer amount of stimuli and input they receive on an everyday basis. Every misstep or mistake is responded to with a barrage of unsolicited opinions from complete strangers, which would be enough to drive even the most sane amongst us crazy.

There’s no better example than Meek Mill Vs. Drake beef that engulfed the entire hip-hop community last year. Artists in the same way as sports teams can be fraught with bi-partizan loyalists, hell-bent on defending their guy/girl to the hilt whilst destroying their rivals, this is no surprise. But what caught me off guard – and Meek Mill touched on it too during the interview – was the impression that somehow Drake had ended his career for good. Yes, we all accept Meek Mill didn’t win that particular beef, he took way too long to respond and from the outside it seemed as if he let the internet run him off Twitter all together – further cementing Drake’s diss of “trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers”. But outside of that reality exists another reality, where after getting publicly annihilated by just about everyone, Meek Mill was still commanding six-figure walk-in fees from clubs and a captive audience awaiting the release of his 3rd album ‘Dream Chasers 4’.

He might not be on the same level he was once was pre Drake beef – first week sales for DC4 are good (50K) but not great (his last album ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’ sold 246K copies first week) – but ultimately being able to support your family and friends through artistic endeavours is reason enough to celebrate.

The court of public opinion is a loud one, sometimes it can be seem as if the whole world is has turned its back on you, but you have to constantly remind yourself on that you’re never as good or bad as they say you are; you’re somewhere in the middle. And that’s okay.