What I learned listening to Dan Bilzerian

I’m not the jealous nor envious type, it’s just not in my nature. If anything whenever i see someone smashing it in their field i try my best to decipher what makes them tick and if possible pluck out one practical nugget i can apply to my own life; but i know i’m more probably in the minority with that kind of thinking. I guess for some people pointing out the shortcomings of others is fun and distracts you from yourself, and if we’re all completely honest the last thing we want to do is spend any prolonged period of time with our own thoughts. But there’s something about guys that are able to attract the level of women they want that makes me green with envy. I don’t know why, actually I do…

I was never the best with girls, especially when I was younger, I was one of those losers who gave girls I had a crush on plastic roses for Valentines day (you know the type with the fake drops of water) only for them to turn around and say “Oh my god thank you! That’s so cute” – Girls, if you ever want to know one way to kill a mans souls, tell him he’s cute, especially if he’s into you. Works everytime.

So whenever I’d see someone absolutely smashing it with the ladies, a part of me would wonder “How in the flying fuck does he make it look so easy?!?!?!” And for a long time I just couldn’t figure it out, but luckily just as i was about to leave University I discovered a book called ‘The Game’ and like any self-respecting geek I dived head first into the PUA (Pick-Up Artist) community, trying to absorb as much game as I could, in the hope that one day I’d be able submit a worthwhile field report of my own (if you know you kno).

When I first stumbled across Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram account those feelings of inadequacies came flooding back, and suddenly i was sat that one hour and thirty minutes later wondering why i wasn’t trapezzing around the world trying to fuck anything with a heart beat. And I guess that’s where a lot of the hate for Dan Bilzerian comes from. Guys see him and see what they don’t have, instead of just watching it play out like good reality tv show (which it is in it’s purest sense). Instead they attach all their feelings of not being quite good enough to a guy who by all accounts is just having a bit fun (harmless fun too).

Then you have the ‘holier than thou’ brigade, who for some reason are convinced that every human being in the world, has an obligation to do great and meaningful work for the advancement of humanity. In my opinion both groups are wrong. We have a tendency to believe this fallacy that money doesn’t buy happiness, but I tend to disagree. If you walk up to a guy struggling to provide for his family and working a dead job an extra £30K a year, I’m pretty sure he’d be happy. It’s not an obscene amount of money, but it would bring him and his immediate family happiness; no doubt. I guess the problem lies with what happens next. For some reason the human mind is wired to never be happy with our lot. It’s rare that you bump into someone who’s happy with what they have, regardless of where they sit on the pay scale, we all want a little bit more. But fundamentally, an extra bit of money so you can afford the things you most desire will make you happy (in some cases of course).

Dan doesn’t do many interviews and by all accounts and you can kinda see why. Although he came across relatively well on the Joe Rogan Experience, he seemed to have the sentence cadence of a guy that’s used to getting grilled about his lifestyle choices. Everything he says has a hint of truth and half-truth to it. I guess coming up under the shadow of a super successful father (with questionable methods) you’re naturally going try to distance from him as much as possible. And I guess that’s where I’m left scratching my head with people who walk away from that interview still hating Dan. He’s obviously a rich kid who realised early on that he didn’t want to be known as his father’s son. And instead of just sitting there getting handouts he decided to create an entire persona and all-encompassing solar system which gave him license to blow shit up, fuck 10 girls in one night and generally be one of the most recognisable personalities across social media. I think that’s quite cool.