I’ve never been much of a birthday guy, the thought of having that much attention bestowed upon myself makes my stomach turn. But not in the way you’d think. I’m not a shy guy, I just despise the level fuss that goes hand in hand celebrating ones birthday. I’d say birthdays become irrelevant after the age of twenty one, who really cares after that? Numbers just become numbers and nothing ever changes, for the most part. You’re often left feeling like you missed the boat, and most of the time you probably have.

For me birthdays serve as a great opportunity to reflect on the journey thus far and plan for what lies ahead. It’s one of the best moments for self reflection, taking time out of your day to do away with noise and distraction and listen to your inner voice, it’s enlightening to say the least. Dig deep and seek the answers to the questions that have plagued you all year.

The last thing you need is a swarm of people at a your beck and call, this is your time, but your time only, savour it, because it only comes around once a year.