Back at It Again


I’ve signed up as a member of Crossfit 1971, my local box in Stratford sometime in January. It’s been great so far, there’s a good little team of regulars and surprisingly loads of girls/women. You always hear about women being scared of doing anything weight related because they don’t wanna end up looking like a man. But thankfully that notion has been dispelled in the last few years. Yes, pure cardio is great and you will eventually lose tons of weight and look great in clothes. But in my opinion if you really wanna look amazing NAKED (don’t we all) adding weights to your workout is the way to go.

I’m still getting my head around the consistency and intensity, but the rush you feel after a heavy WOD is unlike anything i’ve ever experienced. And there’s defiantly something to be said for working out under supervision and in a group setting, you just can’t replicate that on your own; well i know i couldn’t. Obviously i’m still supplementing my two sessions a week with my own stuff (i run home from work, which is 3 miles or so 2-3 days a week) but having that base is amazing!

BTW that’s my back squat one rep max up there, 115KG, woah! Let it be known, my numbers took a nose dive right after that, ha!