Bits and Bytes

I’ve been thinking a lot about bitcoin. I jumped on the cryptocurrency train a few years ago, in part due to it’s antiestablishment stance but mainly because i fucking hate PayPal. Anything that made the process of sending and receiving money made loads of sense. But as anyone that’s dabbled in it would know, it’s not very user friendly. You see way too much of the backend for it too make sense, and the verification process to get yourself up and running on most of the big exchanges is bothersome to say the least.

I realised this recently when a few friends asked me to help them get started with bitcoin. There’s way too many steps involved for the average person. I found myself getting frustrated that I couldn’t explain the process easily, then it stroke me, I wasn’t making it complicated, bitcoin itself is hard to get you’re head around. The only way it’ll get any sort of traction is if it’s easy as sending an email, until then the user base will be mostly made of early adopters, geeks and fringe groups of libertarianism.