Dinning Out

I’ve never been much of a food buff, don’t get me wrong I enjoy a good meal, but the idea of fantasying about food makes me cringe a little. But there’s some hypocrisy in this argument, because if you’ve ever seen me eat, you’d notice that I not only devour anything put in-front of me, but I’m also one of those guys that religiously takes pics of my food, no matter what. I’ve toyed with the idea of putting together a restaurant review blog, the rationale being it’d be interesting to get the perspective of someone that wasn’t enamoured with eating out giving you a short but concise review of a restaurant, particularly the restaurants that aren’t on timeout’s & co’s radar. Who cares about the next cool chicken spot, I’m all about uncovering hidden gems.

So I guess this is me being holding myself to account publicly. To add to a list of projects i’ve currently doing, I’m going to put together said blog in the next couple of days (will have it ready by Tuesday afternoon). Let’s see how it goes.

Which means for the time being no more food post on here.