“I Think I’ve Got An Idea”

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More often than not ideas come out of nowhere. I found that the more i think outside of my area of interest, the more it feeds into my idea generation abilities. I think it’s divergent thinking. I noticed that earlier in the year, when I made a concerted effort to generate a minimum of ten new ideas a day. The quality of the idea itself didn’t matter as much, it’s has more to do with the process of having think of novel ways of addressing a need.

There’s also something to be said to not attaching yourself to closely to any one idea. Don’t be too precious, your initial idea probably isn’t that great anyway, invite others to critique it, especially those that have little to no interest in what you do. You’ll get far better insights that way and trust me, speaking to the choir is a never a good thing, especially now.

The name of the game is great ideas, generate as much as you can, don’t be afraid to voice your ideas and you’ll soon be on the way to becoming indispensable. There’s a great about this called Lynchpin by Seth Godin if you wanna find out more.

There’s no shortage of companies big or small who won’t welcome an idea generating machine with open arms. Go get it!