Doing a Good Job


When someone (usually a superior) lights a fire under you’re arse, there’s usually two reactions. Number one, you step up to the plate, you prove you’re worth, you answer the critics, you silence the naysayers and smash it out of the park per-say. Number two, you borrow back into your cave, point fingers at those you feel fell short and solely concentrate on doing on YOUR job to the best of your ability (more likely than not you do the bare minimum) in the hope that when said superior calls your team to account, you can proudly say “i did my job!”

I’ve seen this numerous times during my working career, mostly because most of my career has seen me jumping around from role to role, exposing myself to large swathes of humanity in the process.

It’s a shame that in most organisations employees and management alike don’t judge situations by on their own merit. Usually not taking into account the other factors that played into said situation going awry.

The hope would be that management and staff alike would take full responsibility for the results of their actions whether good or bad. In the event its bad, management and staff alike asses what could have been done better and action a plan to resolve said issues in the future.

I feel the moment you single out certain individuals for blame (especially retrospectively), the ripple effect of panic, selfishness and single mindedness cannot be underestimated. Not to mention the effect it has on the company overall.

In the future lets try and asses all situations for what they are, lets discuss what could be improved and work on it, not dwelling on the errors of the past, and make the most of each unique time we have to work together.

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