Munch Dat: In-N-Out, Hollywood, CA

Upon descending in LAX last week, the foremost thing on mind was In-n-Out. I’ve long since dreamed of devouring a Double Double from this white and red beacon of hope and enlightenment, and last weeks pilgrimage did not disappoint. First things first, there’s always a queue, which you soon realise being a student of the food scene in any cosmopolitan city is a very very good thing. I visited this establishment on Sunset Blvd four times during my short visit, and every time there was a short queue of about 10-15mins. Once ordered you then had to wait additional 10mins for number to be called out. Worry not, the wait is worth it. Succulent beef patties, sandwiched between a combo of onions, cheese, tomato and a lovely fluffy bun, the recipe of which i will hunt down until the end of time. The fries i could do without. They had a weird cardboard-y type taste and once cool they tasted even worse than they did hot. Taking into account everyone else’s order i spied during my visits it seems like common knowledge that the fries are to be avoided at all.

If you ever find yourself in the land of stars and stripes, take some time out of your day and visit this mecca of all things burgers and refillable fizzy pop. Just make sure you stay away from the fries.


Score – 10/10

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