An Ode to New Beginnings

My welcome gift,  a whole jar full of Kinder bueno's!

My welcome gift, a whole jar full of Kinder bueno’s!

During my brief time on this planet I’ve always had a sense of restlessness. Never satisfied with the current position I’m in, I tend to peek over the proverbial wall to see what’s coming over the horizon. This can be a good thing at times, I’m ambitious and unafraid of new challenges. I never want to be that guy who’s quivering in the corner somewhere afraid of their own shadow. But on the other hand my restlessness encourages¬†spells of anxiety that words cannot describe, which usually result in many sleepless nights where my mind is constantly running at 100 mph. It sounds gnarly, but I can guarantee you it’s not.

I’ve always known from a young age that i want to be the master of my own destiny and work for myself. I have an image of me going out and hunting for my own food, never relying on the man to feed me and my family. But as with all things in life, it’s a process and i understand to get to that position i need to forage the land working under someone else’s rule. I just don’t want to be working a shitty job whilst i’m doing it. I don’t think that’s much to ask.

Harnessing these traits of my personalities was a major break through. I ended breaking down my grandiose plans into small steps, usually it came down to 3. I’d take an honest look at where I’m now, then I’d spec out what my ideal future self would look like (health, finances etc) and finally write down the work it would take to get there. In short you’d write down step 1 and step 3 and then fill in the blank. It’s liberating.

Just the other week I put the pen to paper and signed a contract to join an amazing start-up with a mission statement that I’m wholly invested in. It’s amazing to think of the journey I’ve been on these last few years. It’s even more amazing that I’ve finally found a job that I love. I wake up in the morning and look forward to going to work. It’s such a big mental shift from working for working sake and I truly wish everyone has the opportunity to know what it feels like.

So this an ode to new beginnings, fresh starts and going for your dreams, we only a finite amount of time on this earth, let’s make the most of it.

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