Going for Broke


This is no exaggeration; I’ve read ‘Turning Pro’ by Steven Pressfield cover to cover 5x since I got it a few weeks. I guess I’m at the stage in life where I’ve decided I want to be a professional in everything I do, I want to take my life and work seriously, I want to leave it all out there on the field, no excuses.

It’s funny; life is a lot like working out. When you first notice changes in your body during a rigorous training or health regime, a little switch turns in your head; your brain begins to make the connection between unrelenting hard work and weight loss, which of course carries over into every avenue in your life.

You ask yourself a question, what if I put the same amount of effort and dedication into my dreams, goals and ambitions. Well the answers simple, you’ll get closer to your dreams. You’ll no longer be the eternal dreamer who is caught the stone of procrastination and fear. You will in trenches, on the front line with your sleeves rolled, know full well it might not work but I’m off trying than standing still.

It’s a tough journey full of ups and downs, you’ll want to quit, throw in the towel and tell yourself it wasn’t meant to be. But don’t, instead trust in the process, that one day you’ll get close enough to your dreams that you will be able to touch them. That alone makes the journey worthwhile.

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