Munch Dat: Kongs of King Street, Bristol

I was in Bristol last week for work, I love Bristol. I went last year for the first time to run the Chippenham Half Marathon. I decided on a whim i wanted to race sometime in September and as luck would have it the Chippenham Half Marathon was on and it was super cheap. Entry fee, travel and accommodation set me back around £60 and considering some races in London are around £30-50 for entry alone, it was money well spent.

Bristol is a great little town to get lost in and for a serial solo traveller like myself its perfect. I didn’t get much to time to wander seeing as I was on the clock per se but the venue where I was working – Kongs of King Street – was right bang in the middle of all the crazy fun stuff Bristol has to offer

The great thing about Bristol as I was kindly reminded by a graffiti artist, is that no bar/pub worth its salt would survive in Bristol without craft beer of some sort and Kongs not only had it by the tap but also by the dozen. I helped myself too a couple pints of cider, which went down pretty well, wish for the life of me i could remember the name of it, but i guess the fact that i don’t says’ a lot about the alcoholic contents – hic.

Anyways, onto the food. Short for time and rushed off my feet i went for The Kong pizza which was spinach, bacon, roasted cherry tomatoes, finished with a fried egg on top. On paper it’s my kinda pizza, great balance in flavours but taste-wise it was lacking a bit of punch. I expected the bacon to be fried and super crispy instead they tasted a bit bland and dare i say boiled? The egg was cooked to perfection and splitting the yoke with a knife and allowing all that rich yellow goodness to ooze all over the pizza was definitely a highlight!  Look, it wasn’t the best pizza I’ve ever had but £9 you get a pretty big pizza and an even bigger selection of beer to keep you occupied.


Score 7.5/10

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