I’m Allergic to Exercise

Is there a worse feeling than running with allergy induced asthma? I think not. It’s been an odd couple of months during my training runs. Just when I thought I discovered the perfect running program to push my limits and crank up my weekly mileage another problem pops up, allergies.

It’s odd because when I was younger I never suffered from hay fever or any sort of allergy induced sickness. I was the kid that could play around in the park for hours on end with no sneezing or coughing. But somehow over the years I’ve developed a smokers cough and tightness of chest whenever I got out for my evening that near enough bring me to my knees. In the beginning I wrongly attributed these symptoms to my limited anaerobic capacity. The thinking was the more I run, the more fit I’d get which would suddenly make the wheezy coughs and spurts go away. I guess that’s self-sabotaging ego at work.

In fact it had little to do with my fitness levels and more to do with being dealt the allergy card. The card that says I have to remember to take one little tablet a day to keep the allergy at bay, and even with the tablet there’s no guarantees I will run without breathing discomfort. Major bummer.

So what do I do now? Take a break from training to alleviate the pain? Of course not, I’m super afraid of losing ground on whatever running dragon I’m chasing. It’s a peculiar way of thinking I know, but let me enjoy it!