Why I’ve Decided to Scale Back on Social Media and Concentrate on Creating Content

In the early days when I knew no better, I was lead to believe the path to creation began with consumption. My environment lead me to believe, that in order for me to emulate my hero’s I had purchase my way to creativity, in a roundabout way in order to understand myself I had to understand others. As I sit here now I know that not to be true. Books such as ‘Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson, drum home the ideology that the answers to all life’s questions and mysteries  lie within, if only we would take the time to drown out the opinions of others we’d find that to be true. But nowadays with the increased importance social media has on our lives – self-inflicted of course – the notation of tuning out life’s distractions in order to get to the heart of the issue is an often difficult endeavour.

Instead we’re pushed and pulled in all different directions, our attention spans reduced to short burst of interaction followed by an often zombie like expression as we refresh our feed. I recently read a study that we spend roughly 8 hours a week glued to our smart phones. Of this majority I’m sure you’ll find many a people who say “I just don’t have the time” whenever an activity is brought up that requires more than downward a swipe. Therein lies the problem. We say we don’t time to lose some weight, learn language or finish reading that book, yet we somehow manage to carve out 8 hours a week of gazing through a 600x600px window.

To be completely honest I’m a bit fed up with it all, so I’ve taken a stand to reduce my social media footprint to this blog and my twitter. Concentrating on producing content of merit on this blog will be challenging but will serve a purpose in getting back to writing more regularly again. A skill I let slip by the wayside over the years. Secondly twitter is a great resource for bite size news and links to thought provoking articles, obviously you have to follow the right people, but for the most part I get a lot of value out of Twitter feed. Instagram on the other hand just makes me sad. Hoards of people all over the world supposedly having a much better time than me and reminding me about it every 5 minutes? No thanks, I’ll pass. Plus you just end up stalking people you don’t even know, I’ve caught myself going from profile to profile for 40 minutes, that’s when I knew enough was enough, I had to take a step back and just chill

There’s no big grandiose manifesto here  – apart from the one above – I’ve just come to an understanding that I don’t want to be the bench player constantly commentating on the lives of others, I’d rather make it my life’s mission to inspire those around me with the works of my hands; simple as that.

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