Back to Basics


My running experience has been a crazy ride. It started off a couple years ago with the sole intention of getting myself in trim shape to attract the ladies, naturally. It then morphed into a full scale lifestyle change, where I would forgo social commitments in order to get to 7+ hours of sleep for my morning run. Considering i was on the brink of becoming a raging alcoholic, this was a drastic change of lifestyle!

But over the last year or so I hit a bit of a training/motivation plateau. I woke up dreading the morning run and caught myself on more than one occasions asking myself mid-run “why?” – why was i running 40-50 mins a day in the freezing cold with only a battered iPhone 4s as company? Why?

Upon noticing this lack of motivation I stumbled upon Crossfit Endurance, a program that encourages running as a skill as opposed to the traditional long slow distance i’d been used. On the Crossfit Endurance program weekly runs maxed out at 10-20 miles a week with the added inclusion of distance repeats and body-weight workouts. But over time i grew tired of only running 10-20 miles a week and longed for the days where i could zone out only long runs during the weekends. I guess running during the week was the only time i got to completely unplug from my hectic lifestyle (i hate the word busy). Noticing that was a huge mind shift and if anything it allowed me to enjoy the training process much more.

I decided to fuse the traditional LSD program with Crossfit Endurance, incorporating the benefits of my meditative runs during the week as well as some much needed strength and skill work. Funnily enough I’m working out more than i ever did previously, but i don’t feel as fatigued, if anything the new challenges i face each day have invigorated my passion for running.

Sometimes doing more is better than doing less, especially when its fun!

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