200m Repeats Best Time, is that good or no?

200m Repeats Best Time, is that good or no?

Happy – belated – New Year! We’re finally in the year 2015! Don’t get me wrong my 2014 was an awesome ride, so many different transitions, from relationships to work and everything in between; but I just wanted it over already so I could get cracking on with 2015. For some reason I’ve got really high hopes for this year. I’m feeling super optimistic. It’s in part related to this; for as much as I achieved last year, I feel I was operating at best 70% of my capacity, so if i’m content with what I did last year at 70% capacity, just imagine what I can do this year at 80-90% capacity or god forbid 100% – OMG!

Aside from that here’s a quick update on my current morning ritual…

  • I’m generally waking up between 5:30-6:30am at the moment. Ideally I’d love to be up by 5am but a combination of sleeping late (11:00-11:30pm) makes it rather difficult. Hopefully I can build on this and a little earlier.
  • Mobility work – I’ve got this down to 10 minutes in squat position, I split it up into 2 parts. So 5 mins assisted deep squats (i.e. holding the door) and 5 mins non-assisted (arms in-front of body as a counter balance). Then I do 2 minutes of couch stretching on either leg/hip.
  • I’m still using the 12 week CFE programme – its great in that it prescribes short burst of interval repeats (i.e. 8 x 200m runs with 2 mins rest) really easy to follow. At momement I pencil them in for 6am. The first couple of sprints are sluggish but after the 3rd run I feel super fresh and ready to attack the day!
  • I’m learning Spanish too. 1 hour of self-study using Assimil, Spanish Grammar Book, Memrise and possibly registering for the #Add1Challenge as added motivation and accountability!

It’s the first proper week of the New Year and I’m super pumped for what lies. Hopefully you guys are too!

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