Ever since I moved out of my mums’ house, I’ve fallen into some horrible habits. When I lived at home I had a regular – if a tad open ended – morning ritual that involved waking up between 6 – 9am, working out in my local park and eating an extremely healthy slow carb breakfast. I guess the fact I was still living at home at the age of 26 years old made me super depressed, so the only way I felt like I was making something of my life, was to dial in my morning ritual with military precision in the hope it would kick start my day. At the same time I also had delusions of grandeur where I’d tell myself, as soon as I moved out I’d have all the time in the world to run in the morning, workout, learn a new language and save a cat from a burning building without the nagging interruptions of my parents and siblings. Obviously it hasn’t quite panned out that way, which brings me onto todays post; my morning routine now involves;

  • Wake up at 5am, no snooze, no nothing, just jump straight out!
  • 30 mins of mobility work, courtesy of Ready to Run a great resource for preparing your body to run a lifetime by Dr Kelly Starrett of MobilityWOD fame
  • Head outside for some fresh air and running drills, courtesy of Brian Mackenzie and Crossfit Endurance. At the moment I’ve been using the 12 week CFE programme and tweaking it where needs be. I subscribe to the rinse and tweak model of training, I try not to jump around from programme to programme trying to find the magic pill, I find it to be a total waste of time and energy, you’re better of committing to what you have from day zero until the end and analysing your results and adjusting accordingly.
  • Shower, eat and then about 1 hour of learning. At the moment that involves 30 mins of language learning (Spanish) and 30 mins of light reading. I probably could swap out the reading for a complete hour of language learning, but i’m going to break it down into 2 smaller chunks and do the remaining 30 minutes in the evening, plus it’ll give me time to review the days work.

So far so good, I’m only day 2 of a 30 day challenge – monthly experiments ftw – I’ll inevitably hit some bumps along the way, but by having a rough frame work in mind I’ll reduce the angles of deviation and more importantly limit “decision fatigue” – wish me luck!

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