Getting back on the saddle per say is a lot harder than I imagined. Judging by the ever reliable nike+ running app my last run was a 4 mile jog at an average pace of 7’13”/mi for a total time of 29:01. Not too bad I guess, but that’s nearly a month of nothing, no running, no drills, no nothing. Well nothing is a bit of exaggeration. During my inactivity I did some random body weights WOD’s and more recently for the past 2 weeks or so I’ve made a commitment of performing 100 press-ups a day. In the old days where form was nothing but a passing breeze in the volcanic embers of pure aggression and bad posture, I would have arrogantly scoffed at the idea of struggling to do 100 press-ups in less than 10 minutes. But with the inclusion of people like Carl Paoli and Kelly Starrett into my life, every time I get down to do a couple press-ups I hear whispers of ‘tight butt’ ‘externally rotate’ ‘fingers spread’ ‘tight stomach’ and so on. The result of which, leads to a far more rigorous 10-20 minute workout than I ever imagined.

But a rather strange thing has happened during the past 2 weeks; I’m beginning to love the process. The monotonous minutia of performing press-ups – correctly – is thrilling. A once overlooked exercise in my repertoire has now taken center stage in my development as an athlete, highlighting the importance of basic fundamental movements that more often than not carry over to more complex movements. I can now be often found performing dead hangs to improve grip strength and mobility work to improve my squat, which in turn leads me back to running. Eventually I’ll get stronger and quicker, eventually…

“I’m a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it” 
― Thomas Jefferson

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