Paralysed by analysis and the fear of failure the inaugural episode of The Agostinho Show, my first foray into the world of podcasting, is more a statement of intent, than a polished, finely tuned programme. I’ve long been fascinated with the idea of podcasting, disseminating your ideologies across various fields in the hope of connecting with likeminded people. I guess this interest stems from years listening to DIY pirate radio shows during Grime’s heyday and later developed into an fixation with programmes such as Glenn O’Brien’s ‘TV Party’ and more recently the excellent work of KNOW WAVE, Joe Rogan Experience and countless others.

As the days become shorter due to an increase workload (something no-one fails to mention on the path of self-development and mastery) Podcasting is a great way of publishing ideas on a regular basis.

Have a listen, enjoy, pass it onto friends if you feel that way inclined, but take it as it is, a purely self-indulgent exercise in thought publishing, that hopefully brings value to the world.

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